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Ashfur misses Scourge so much, but Scourge and Ashfur could never be because Scourge won't go to cat hell, but Ashfur goes to Starclan anyways so Ashfur and Scourge will miss each other for eternity.

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No, Ashfur does not miss Scourge as they were never close. Scourge was a leader of BloodClan while Ashfur was a warrior in ThunderClan in the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter.

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Q: Does ashfur miss scourge
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How did Ashfur and Scourge become a couple?

Ashfur and Scourge are not depicted as a couple in the official Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Ashfur is a character from the ThunderClan, while Scourge is the leader of BloodClan. Their relationship in the books does not extend to being a romantic couple.

Is scourge in love with ash fur in the warriors sereris?

Scourge and Ashfur are characters in different story arcs within the Warriors series. Scourge is a villain in the original series, while Ashfur plays a role in the Power of Three series. There is no evidence to suggest that Scourge is in love with Ashfur in the books.

Who are scourge and ashfur's kits warrior cats?

Scourge does not have any kits as he never had a mate. Ashfur's kits are Fernsong, Hollytuft, and Larksong, born to him and Whitewing.

Who is the deadly killer Warrior Cat?

Sisyes Scourge Bone Hollyleaf ashfur Rose Rushedash

Is ashfur from warriors a boy or girl?

ashfur from warrior cats is a boy even though some people say hes a girl and that hes in love with scourge hes not and hes also not a boy fancying boy cat.( :

Which warrior cats that has their residence unknown when they are dead?

Ashfur (of ThunderClan) Hawkheart (appeared in Bluestar's Prophecy) Thistleclaw Sharptooth Scourge Bone Tadpole

Who was ashfur's mentor?

Ashfur's mentor was Dustpelt.

What was the Ashfur tribute on youtube called where before Ashfur gets killed he says Hollyleaf what?


Who was Ashfur's killer?

Ashfur's murderer is Hollyleaf. Leafpool found a tuft of Hollyleaf's fur snagged in Ashfur's claws.

Who is ashfurs mate?

Ashfur's mate is not explicitly stated in the series, as he is not shown having a mate in the books. Some fans speculate that Scourge's sister, Squirrelflight, could potentially be his mate in an alternate timeline from the Warriors series "The Prophecies Begin."

What names of bad cats from Warriors?

Tigerstar, Darkstripe, Scourge, Ashfur (maybe) ,Hawkfrost. There might be more, but that's all that I remember. [those are correct, but there's also Brokentail/star. Bone. Thistleclaw. I think Ivypaw may be becoming bad.]

Who was Lionblaze's mentor?

Lionblaze's mentor was Ashfur.