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Does auto insurance follow the driver or the car in CA?


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It depends on your insurance and where you are from.


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It really depends on the state that you live in.

no, the driver has to be on your insurance or have there own insurance. if your driving and the persons with you then yes

Your insurance will have to pay regardless if the other person has insurance or not. You were at fault.

Answer 1: yes, my sister is borrowing my car and she her own insurance on it.Answer 2: You can always get insurance as an additional driver on another person's car insurance policy. Isn't that how children in the house are added to their parent's car insurance policy?

Primarily the auto insurance policy follows the car. Secondarily it covers the driver should he be driving an uninsured vehicle or to cover him on a borrowed vehicle. There are some restrictions based on primary vehicle replacement and other situations. Read your policy for specific information.

No,, You have to buy the auto insurance for your car or you have to make sure the owner of the car you are driving has the required insurance and that it will cover you as a driver as well.

This is a type of auto liability coverage that can be purchased when the buyer does not own an automobile. While auto liability insurance is typically said to "follow the car", meaning that it correlates with a particular vehicle, non-owner's coverage "follows the driver". In that sense, it covers the driver irrespective of the vehicle he/she is driving.

Auto insurance covers the Named Insured(s) for certain losses that may arise out of vehicle operation or ownership. Bear in Mind that the notion of Auto insurance following a car or a driver is lay-mans language. An insurance professional should never use such broad terms when explaining coverage as it is an misleading over simplification of the coverage and would not be accurate. Regardless of what state your in, sometimes your auto insurance will follow you to another vehicle and sometimes it will cover other drivers that you permit to drive your vehicle, but it all depends on the circumstances involved.

Auto Insurance Without a Car?Yes, You can purchase "Non Owners Insurance" Coverage. Sometimes referred to as "Named Driver Coverage"Drive safe - Buckle Up

Always remember insurance follows the vehicle and points follow the driver. So if they get points from the ticket it will follow the driver.

Depending on your age, your sex, your car, your experience and the number of reclamation in the past as a driver, you can find the cheapest auto insurance by comparing them points by points.

As long as she has her own policy on her own, it would not affect your insurance in the sense of premium or the need to have her insured on your policy. However, most auto insurance company want to have her listed as a driver in the household since she lives with you. The policy actually follow the vehicle and not the driver. If she was to drive this vehicle and get into an accident, your policy would be the primary and her policy would be secondary.

Auto Insurance follows the car not the driver. My son's girlfriend was driving his car when they where in an accident and his insurance was responsible.

No, your insurance will cover the occasional driver as long as they are licensed

Insurance will cover any licensed driver with permission to borrow the car.

It doesn't make sense to keep auto insurance without a car anyway! If you do get hurt in an accident where the other driver is at fault, their insurance will pay for the damages. However if you plan on driving someone else's car, make sure you are added on their car insurance policy as a secondary driver.

Not only can, but you should. The Insurance policy does not follow the driver, it follows the car.

A deferred operator on an auto insurance policy is a driver who has his or her own insurance policy. If these people drive your car as well, they would be deferred operators.

Companies that offer car insurance in Oregon are State Farm auto insurance, 21st Century auto insurance, Nationwide auto insurance, Mercury auto insurance, Farmers auto insurance, and AAA auto insurance.

yes, and if you are put as an occasional driver on their car it's cheaper.

The insurance is on the vehicle.

If the driver of the car you were in was at fault and had no insurance you are out of luck. your only recourse if to sue the person who you were driving with to recover damages. If your driver was not at fault but had no insurance the other parties insurance would have to cover your damages. The lesson is not to ride with people who do not carry auto insurance, ever.

The cheapest way to save money for a teen driver is to talk to your current auto insurance rep. You can also try Progressive. They will compare rates for you.

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