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Does bacon cause acne?


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Too much bacon can because bacon has oil in it and that causes acne.


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Chlamydia can not cause acne outbreaks.Chlamydia does not cause acne.

No, masturbation does not cause acne.

No, contacts do not cause acne.

Drinking cola and other sodas does not cause acne.

"no, STDs don't cause acne however they can cause warts" its not true i think there is a std that gives u acne

Potatoes are unlikely to cause acne. Suffering from acne as a teenager, I was always told to avoid chocolate! foods cause acne..chocolate or french fries or coke does not cause acne..

no, it doesnt. sperm contains minerals, and minerals dont cause acne.

Yes, cocaine use can cause acne, as well as other problems.

Yes, nuts are known to make skin oily and cause acne.

No, it helps get rid of acne.

no.AnswerSince most type of nuts are greasy and dry in content, they will cause acne.

Yes, diet can certainly cause acne.

Sleep deprivation can cause acne

The things that women go through like menopause and pregnancy can cause acne in adults. The type of makeup that is used on the skin can cause adult acne. Some medicine can cause acne in adults and it can also be hereditary.

Sweat can clog your pores, and this can cause acne if you don't wash your wash soon after sweating.

Acne can develop for a number of reasons. The main reason acne develops is because a person is genetically more likely to have acne. This still isn't enough to cause it though. That person must also be eating and drinking certain foods that will cause acne. In certain people dairy and sugar can cause acne. Cutting these foods out can reduce or stop acne completely. A book called acne no more goes into detail about food and acne. Ultimately you need to remove these foods from your diet, else you will suffer with acne.

Hot Cheetos were recently researched on many articles that they can cause acne once you eat them. They are much of an acne causer than the regular Cheetos.

Well, if you think about it oil is one of the main causes of acne and most junk food is really oily.Foods do not cause acne. do not change how you eat because of this acne myth.

No, there is no evidence suggesting that bacon will cause cancer.

Acne is caused by bacteria, not by amino acids.

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Nope. Sweating cleans out your pores, which is good for acne.

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