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Yes it is good exercise.

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Q: Does basketball improve leg strength
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Related questions

How do you slam dunk a basketball hoop?

It all requires effort, strength, courage, and some great hops. You need to improve your leg strength ALOT

How much exercise is in softball?

There must be several exercises to improve on core strength, leg strength and upper body strength. squats a good example for leg strength, have planks and abdominal twists for core and Pullovers for upper body strength.

Where basketball workout?

Do suicides its a basketball drill that builds lung strength as well as leg muscle and speed/ agility just goolge suicide basketball drills

How does Rock Climbing improve your Strength?

Rock Climbing includs Hand Strech, And Leg Climb

How do you jump higher for basketball?

Plyometrics is a great way to improve your vert,but also do alot of leg exercises

Does basketball uses upper strength and lower strength?

YES!!!!! You use your a lot of your leg muscles. You have to have good balance. Lots of upper strength for boxing out for shooting and many more things.

What is leg strength?

strength in your leg

What is a strength exercise in basketball?

Basketball players need to be able to run, cut, change direction, and jump (on one leg and two) in order to be successful-so which is the best choice for exercise selection in a strength and conditioning. I am a beginner basketball player and I have bought some Basketball exercise equipment from online store. These are helping me with exercise.

What is the best exercise to increase your vertical jump?

Calf raisers and leg press. You want to improve strength in your calves, hamstrings and quads.

How do you improve your basketball shot?

You can improve your basketball shot by practicing.

What experience do you need to be a basketball player?

To begin playing basketball, I would recommend being a good runner, in sprinting and in distance. Also, arm strength is helpful but not required to be a basketball player. Having good thigh and leg strength can help with running and while on defense. Honestly, to be a basketball player, the best advice I can give is to want it, have a passion for it, stick with it, and practice it. And if you do, I can guarantee you will be successful.

Would you recommend an elliptical cross trainer to improve overall fitness?

Yes , I highly recommend elliptical cross trainer to improve overall fitness since elliptical helps you improve leg strength and could give you good cardio workout.

What is the importance of hills?

The importance of hills in running is that it will improve your leg strength. It takes more effort to run up a hill than it does to run down it.

Does track give you more leg strength than any other sports?

In a way it can give you more leg strength. You must build your leg strength to be able to pole vault or do sprints in a matter of seconds so yes it does give you leg strength.

Which leg is pivot leg in basketball?

The leg which supports. To clarify: When kicking, the leg you're standing on, the non-kicking leg, is your pivot leg.

A weight training exercise to improve or develop quadriceps strength is?

Improve muscle strength not just of the quadriceps

Your lap top WiFi receivers signal weak how to improve?

as i am professional in this way you must have wifi extender and i recommend Netgear WiFi Range Extender EX2800 you can buy it from amazon copy the link down and past it in your url

How can training improve the strength curve?

There are several factors when it comes to improving ones strength curve, Improve your acceleration ability,starting strength,speed strength, and improving Amortization.Improve these factors and you will transform your strength curve.

What is the recommended concrete strength for a basketball court?

A concrete strength of 3500 PSI should be just right for a basketball court.

When do you need explosive strength in basketball?

When you jump to shoot the basketball.

What lead to the increase in the strength of alkali?

What lead the increase in strength of alkali was to improve strength and reliability. Strengths and drying shrinkage is the reasons for the studies to improve alkali.

How can you improve your speed for the 400m dash in the offseason without working your lower leg because of shin splints needing to rest?

Using leg curl machine or leg extension machine, hip and abductor machine, as well as squats. Do calf raises to increase calf strength weakness in calves can lead to shin splints.

What are social physical benefits of basketball?

Socially, you may become close with fellow team members. This is a great way to make friends in school. Also, because basketball is a sport that requires a lot of stop and go motions, the athlete will have to train in order to gain physical endurance. Basketball requires leg, arm and core strength.

Football basketball and soccer are sports?

Basketball are sport because it encourage people that love basketball, to be tall, and soccer is a sport because it make your leg stronger. like me I play soccer now my leg is incredible.

What are the main bones used in basketball?

The leg bones and the arm bones are the most important in playing basketball.