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It Depends...

If Your Heavaly Drunk Then Your Very Likely To Forget What Happened But I'd Be Careful Because iF Your Very Drunk And be Sick While Asleep You Defonetly Not Remember What Happend...

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Q: Does being drunk make you forget what you did?
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Does being drunk violate any commandment?

things that make you hmmm..

How does being drunk effect the brain?

Being drunk makes your brain focus on being drunk, and you may never think your drunk and you might it depends on you.

How do you get a cat drunk?

you cant make a cat drunk and you shouldn't want to unless you love being cruel to animals (no offense)

Do people always forget what they said and did when they were drunk?

No, people do not always forget what they said or did when they were drunk. It happens to some people more often than others and typically if you were extremely intoxicated.

Why does Montresor make sure Fortunato is drunk in the Cask of the Amontillado?

He makes sure he is drunk so he won't notice that he is being bricked in.

Do people often forget things they said while drunk?

yes they do!

How do you stop being drunk when you are?

The best way to sober up is to make yourself puke.

What's the What is the difference between buzzed and drunk?

Being buzzed is the nice feeling were you still remember everything. Drunk your not going to remember that much you will forget things. If you want to know how to tell if they got drunk or buzzed ask them questions about the night to see if they remember them all if they do they were just buzzed.

What is intoxication?

being drunk

When your drunk is the heart drunk also?

No. A study showed that being "drunk" is caused directly from the brain being altered from alcohol. However, if you would are drunk, then it is possible to consider you're entire body, including your heart, drunk as well. But scientifically, no, your heart is not drunk.

Was Christiano Ronaldo drunk when he crashed his Ferrari?

No, he was not charged with being drunk

Why is Dolphus Raymond constantly drunk?

He never actually gets drunk. The liquid he is drinking is not alcoholic (I forget what it actually is). He married a woman who was of a different race. This action was generally frowned upon in Maycomb, so to make it seem like he didn't intend to do it (or some nonsense like that), he pretended to be drunk.

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