Does black rose dragon effect kill itself to or no?


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Yes, it kills itself. Or else it would say "all other cards", like Judgment Dragon does.

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to kill the black dragon u have to mudslide main dang

The black arrow was used to kill Smaug the dragon.

The best monster to kill in Runescape would be the King Black Dragon.

Red Dragon Archfiend Assault Mode clearly says it destroys all 'other' monsters, so will not destroy itself.

why did Beowulf kill the dragon

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You can't buy dragon egg. You need to get 99 summoning then when you kill black green, red and blue dragon they may drop dragon egg. You can grow it to make baby dragon pet.

No and if it looked like it was trying to it isnt its either trying to defend itself or kill it.

The duration of Kill a Dragon is 1.52 hours.

You mean the King Black Dragon, I have placed a link below that should take you to a site where you can get the information directly.

Get a team of adventurers and just kill that dragon.

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Be another dragon, or die trying.

to log to the dragon and kill it

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I would have to say king black dragon, I also think his location is in the wilderness the dragon also has a great number of chests after you kill, i think he drops 3mill and rune gold trimed set. but he is very hard to kill! k so do not attemp to kill unless a higherlv like 100s on up or you have a huge stock of swordfish.

Nope just kill Black Dragons, King Black dragon, Iron Dragons, Steel Dragons, Mithril Dragons. My first visage was at 726 Iron dragon kills, then I got another one on a Iron Dragon task after 28 kills. You can get some great drops by killing them ranging from 200k-38m.

Most likely but it depends what your str, att, def and what weapons you have.

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