Does blaze like sonic?

she love silver

Blaze and Sonic are just allies.

true they could be just friends also true

sonic and blaze as lovers?Never thought of that.I knew that blaze is in love w/ Silver,but sonic...?oh no way...

HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!..... wait, your serious?

idk. I found a glitch on my sonic rush game where at the end where they shake hands, blaze flew in too close and it looked like they were kissing. I have no idea where that came from!

I don't know who blaze likes. She never really got to know Shadow, she's supposed to just be allies with Sonic, but she claims that she's only friends with silver, and thinks of him more as a brother.......... so.............. i don't know.

blaze does like sonic because in sonic rush she kept on talking about sonic and blushing everytime sonic came close to her or said a smart remark

and plus there was a poll that sega found on the internet that sonic and blaze were a better couple than silver and blaze and Sega claims that blaze and silver will be in the nezt sonic x season and sonic will fall for blaze and they will be together