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Q: Does blue ivy has something to do with the devil?
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Does blue ivy have something to do with the devil?

yes becuz of the name backwardes it is looks it up

What is Beyonces baby called?

Beyonce's baby is called Blue Ivy Carter. It has been a coincendence that Blue Ivy has something to do with the illuminati, as her name stands for.... B- born L- living U- under E- evil I- illuminati's V- very Y- youngest And Blue Ivy backwards 'Yvi Elub' in Latin means 'Lucifer's Daughter' (Lucifer is the Devil.)

Is Beyonce's baby named ivy blue carter?

No. Beyonce's baby is named Blue Ivy Carter

What is blue ivy?

Blue Ivy is the daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z.

What is beyounces babies name?

Blue Ivy Carter

What is beyonces babys full name?

Blue Ivy Knowles Carter

What is Blue Ivy's middle name?

Ivy. The child's name is Blue Ivy Carter. Ivy falling between her first name and last name is logically her middle name.

Is byonce laminate?

yes because her baby name is blue ivy spell it backards on the greek and latin dictionary and you get eulb yvi witch means daurter of the devil

How old was beyonce when she had blue ivy carter?

Blue Ivy Carter was born on January 7, 2012.

Is blue ivy really beonce baby?

well the day after she had Blue Ivy she was back skinny and really think that Blue Ivy got adopted that is true and when blue ivy get grown she needs to tell her the truth and comment back and tell is blue ivy really their baby please comment back and beyonce if you are reading this you need to tell the world the truth Thank You

Is blue ivy Carter a doll?

No Blue Ivy Carter is not a doll shes Beyonces baby girl

Is there a such thing as Blue Ivy?

Yes. Blue Ivy is the first child of Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z.