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Cardiac muscle cells are muscle cells.

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What are the properties of cardiac cells?

Cardiac muscle is a striated, involuntary muscle. Cardiac muscle cells usually contain 1 or 2 nuclei.

What is the cardiac muscle made of?

Cardiac muscle is composed of cardiac muscle cells along with fibrous tissue.

How do you describe the cardiac muscle?

Cardiac muscle is involuntary striated muscle. The cells of cardiac muscle have only one nucleus. The layer of the heart that contains cardiac muscle is called the myocardium.

Which muscle cells can not regenerate?

Cardiac muscle cells do not have the ability to regenerate.

What are the function of cardiac muscle cells?

When cardiac muscle cells contract, the heart beats and pumps blood around the body.

What are the types of cardiac muscle cells?

There is only one type of cardiac muscle cell.

What kind of cell is the cardiac muscle tissue made of?

Cardiac muscle is made of cardiac muscle cells. Cardiac muscle is under the control of the autonomous nervous system and is not susceptible to fatigue

How is a cardiac muscle different from skeletal muscle cells?

Cardiac muscle is not subject to voluntary movement, as are skeletal muscles.

How many types of human muscle cells?

There are three (3) human muscle cells are of the following types : ·skeletal muscle ·smooth muscle ·cardiac muscle ·skeletal muscle is a muscle that moves the bones of the body. ·smooth muscle is a muscle that makes up the wall of the stomach, intestines, and blood vessels. ·cardiac muscle is foud only in the walls of the heart. The cells of cardiac muscle have heavier bands than skeletal muscle cells. (cardiac muscle is involuntary in action).

What is the function of intercalated discs in cardiac muscle?

Separate the opposing ends of cardiac muscle cells

What kind of muscle contains cylindrical cells with branching ends?

The muscle that contains cylindrical cells with branching ends is the cardiac muscle. Cardiac muscle is only found in the heart.

What are the cells that makes up heart tissue?

Cardiac muscle cells make up heart tissue. Like smooth muscle, cardiac muscle is involuntary.

What are two ways skeletal muscle differs from cardiac muscle?

Cardiac muscle, called the myocardium, is composed of a number of long, branching cells that are joined by intercalated discs. An intercalated disc is an area where cell membranes of adjacent cardiac muscle cells are joined. There are also small spaces in cardiac muscle cells that create a direct electrical connection between cells by allowing ions to move freely between cells. The interconnecting matrix joins cardiac muscle cells into a single, very large muscle cell called a syncytium (Latin for "joined cells"). Another difference between skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle is that cardiac muscle has pacemaker cells, which initiate contractions rhythmically rather than through neural stimulation. Cardiac muscle contraction lasts about 10 times longer than skeletal muscle contractions, and cardiac muscle cannot produce sustained contractions as skeletal muscles doRead more: how-is-cardiac-muscle-different-from-skeletal-muscle

What is the fuction of the cardiac cell?

Cardiac muscle cells are the cells that make up the cardiac muscle and help to pump blood through your heart. Each of these cells contain myofibrils which are the contractile units of muscle cells. These cells have the ability to produce ATP quickly, making them resistant to fatigue.

Why do cardiac muscle cells have more than one nucleus?

Cardiac muscle cells only have one nucleus. Under a microscope, cardiac muscle cells appear to have more than one nucleus due to the resulting fusion of two or more uninuclear cells

Who do active cells have large numbers of mitochondria?

Skeletal muscle cells,cardiac muscle cells,sperm cells

Which muscle cells commonly branch?

The muscle cells which commonly branch are the cardiac muscle cells. The other muscles do not have any branched cells.

What are 3 examples of muscle cells?

The three examples of muscle cells is the Cardiac mucsle, the Smooth muscle and the Skeletal muscle.

Cardiac muscle cells can respire in aerobic and anaerobic environments?

Cardiac muscle cells can respire in both aerobic and anaerobic environments. However, the main difference is that the energy required by the cardiac muscle cells is obtained differently in the aerobic and anaerobic environments.

Do muscle cells form cardiac muscles and skeletal muscles?

cardiac muscle cells are different they are called pacemaker cells the body cannot reproduce these cells once they die that's it.

Cells are organized into blank such as muscle neural and cardiac?

Cells that are the same form tissues. Muscle cells form muscle tissue.

Which cells that do not reproduce?

Cardiac muscle, neurons.

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