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I've seen lots of castor oil, but I've yet to see castor oil, with hair. So the answer is, Castor Oil can make your Poo RUNNY, but NO it CANNOT grow hair; not even on your head.

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It doesn't matter what oil you use

Yes it helps them grow, put in on 3 time a day and you will see the difference in a week

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yes it does

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Q: Does castor oil help grow back eyebrows how long does it take?
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Does olive oil help in thickening of eyebrows?

No olive oil helps them grow faster. A handy tip if you messed up plucking or waxing. Castor oil will help thicken your eyebrows. For some people they might loose some hairs this way but they have said that they grew back thicker.

Does shampoo help eyebrows grow?

No shampoo will not help your eyebrows grow.

How do you make eyebrows partly shaved off grow back thicker?

You could put Vaseline or oil on them at night to help the grow. You can also get special serums that help your eyebrows grow.

Does canola oil help grow back eyebrows and eyelashes?

yes it can!! takes awhile but it can!

Can castor oil grow facial hair?

There are many people who claim that castor oil will help grow facial hair. You are to apply it with a rag before bed each night.

Is there anything you can buy to make your eyebrows grow back?

I have found nothing to help in that area. My eyebrows are very light and thin and would love to have better ones. I have looked for 20 years for something, so far nothing is on the market.

Can hair grease make your eyebrows hairs grow back?

very much yes. oils clog your pores and grease just sound disgusting

Do burnt eyebrows grow back?

yes, it will but if you want to hide it from you parents or school mates cut a bang, near or a little down from your eye and just leave the bang until the eyebrow hair grows back and drink A LOT of milk. it'll help :)

How do you make your eyebrows even without plucking?

No eyebrows will ever be the same. The point is to get them as similar as possible. The best way to do this is to get them done professionally.

I messed up my eyebrows HELP?

If you've overplucked your eyebrows, purchase an eyebrow pencil close to your hair, and natural brow colour and fill in with short feathery strokes. If you're having problems with the shape of them, purchase eyebrow stencils and use these as guides for both filling them in and shaping them. Don't worry, they will probably grow back.

How do eyebrows help us?

Eyebrows keep sweat from going into your eyes.

How do you get eyebrows to grow?

One thing you can do, but i am not sure it works, is put olive oil on it before you go to bed. You can also try putting lotion on them, but i don't recommend it because some ppl tend to break out. Another idea is to use mane and tail (horse) shapoo on them. A good product you can buy is talika lipocils i heard your eyebrows grow rapidly in 2 weeks! P.S. i shaved off my eyebrow and im using the olive oil one. i saw a difference already but only a little. my hair grow really fast.