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Yes it can but it may also damage the gun or rifle if it is too strong. If you are talking about an Air Soft gun, I would talk with an Air soft shop first. If you are talking about a BB/177 airgun, you can find information on the web. In fact offers an upgrade kit for one of their rifles. It used an air piston instead of a spring. Also NEVER "Dry Fire" an air rifle. It slams the piston against the end of the tube without any resistance and will eventually destroy the tube. There are several air gun shops that will "Tune" and air rifle buy polishing the chamber and tweaking the spring (Remove any burrs). Some even offer better trigger assemblies. But you have to weigh the cost of the original rifle and the cost of an upgrade.

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You can put a stronger spring in almost any AEG, but if it is weak stock, then the internals probably can't handle the extra strength. To make it able to handle the stronger spring, you most likely will have to replace the piston, piston head, gear set, and motor. Also you might have to replace the spring guide. If you have a cheap gun, it might be cheaper and easier to buy a new gun that is more powerful instead of replacing all the internals.

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your joking me right of course a co2 airsoft gun is more powereful and it can not chip a tooth

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absolutely! But it will take time and money. A lot of time if you are going to put it in yourself

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Q: Does changing the spring in a airgun make it stronger?
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