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Q: Does check engine light on mean the computers is reset to ready for emissions so i can apply for waiver after after inspection?
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Will car pass inspection in NC if air bag light is on?

yes it will pass bag lights are exceptional but so long as they are not exposed. or missing. but check engine light should not be on at all ....although if the engine light persists you will be allowed a waiver for one year

What are the three types of judicial waiver?

judicial, prosecutorial waiver and legislative waiver

What part of speech is waiver?

Waiver is a noun.

What is waiver in Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of WAIVER: paubaya

What is a visa waiver?

First of all, the term "waiver" comes up in Immigration law more than once and, in more than one case the term is related to a visa. Most commonly, "visa waiver" and "waiver of inadmissibility." There is a difference between a visa waiver and a waiver of inadmissibility. A visa waiver applies when a qualifying alien comes to the United States without formally applying for a waiver at a US consulate.

How long does it take for marine medical waiver to be approved?

A waiver of WHAT ?

Does a waiver excuse you from taking your drivers license test?

A waiver of WHAT?

What word class part of speech is the word 'waiver' in the sentence 'A waiver of customs duties was effected'?

a verb............???????????????????

how do i get a waiver?

That all depends on what type of waiver and from whom. Your best bet it to contact the organization that you are trying to get a waiver from and ask them about the steps involved from them.

Example letter of a waiver in a reality show?

If you sign the waiver, they own you.

How do you use waiver in a sentence?

The waiver should be unambiguous and clear to a reasonable person.

How do you use waiver as a sentence?

The scholarship will take the form of a partial fee waiver.

Is it possible to get waiver for asylum fraud in the US and a waiver for over staying and a waiver for deportation for the same case once the person has left the us territory?


What papers need to be filed for reentry back into the US after being deported?

You would need either an I- 212 waiver or I- 601 waiver. For serious crimes there is no waiver.

What states do not allow a waiver of subrogation?

does Texas allow waiver of subrogation for workers compensation

Can you get an air force medical waiver if you have diplopia?

You can get a medical waiver to be in the Air Force, however not a waiver for a flight physical of any kind, which is what you need to be able to be an aviator. Source: I was just diagnosed with diplopia, and will be losing my flying class iii waiver

Can you change your status after filing a visa waiver?

No, when you filled out the visa waiver form on the back, you agreed to not being able to adjust your status as a part of the visa waiver program.

How do I obtain a nys inheritance tax waiver form?

how do i obtain my inheritance tax waiver form?

Is meaning of condemn and waiver same?

The meaning of condemn and waiver is not the same. Condemn means that the person has been declared guilty, while a waiver is a relinquishment of a claim, privilege, or right.

How do you get an SAT waiver?

You must apply for an SAT (or ACT) waiver through your High School counselor. You will receive a number to use on your online registration. You can't use a waiver on a late registration.

Is there a first time offender waiver in Washington State?

Yes, there is a first time offender waiver that is offered in Washington State. An attorney or judge can help a person to learn if they are eligible for the waiver.

What are the limitations waiver of service in a divorce?

My wife signed a waiver of service. did she waive her rights in the case as well

What is answer and waiver in a Florida divorce?

The answer an waiver is just that, you can answer the complaint and provide the court your side, or if you agree with the divorce you would send in the waiver, and the waiver basically tells the court you don't dispute the case and agree with the proceeding and waive any further notice of proceeding. So if you agree to the divorce, sign the waiver and send in, but if you disagree do not waive your right, because once you do this it is hard to take it back.

What happens if you are on a no run waiver before air force pt test?

Then you cant run until you are off the waiver

Can a German with a visa waiver change for a green card?

No, not for the Visa Waiver participant nations. It has to be done from outside the US.