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it is so good

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Q: Does chocolate food taste very good?
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Did the Mayans grow chocolate?

yes fact is that the nobles drank it but it didn't taste like normal chocolate that we eat their chocolate didn't have any sugar in it so the chocolate didn't taste very good.

How does chocolate taste like?

well i know what it taste likes but not how it taste like - bad anserreal anser: It has a rich taste and is very good

How does chocolate taste?

Milk chocolate has a sweet taste. Dark chocolate has a very bitter taste. Sugar causes chocolate to become sweet.

Why do chocolate chip cookies taste good?

The people who manufacture chocolate chip cookies make it very, VERY addicting. (The taste) So you buy more. It's the same affect as the tobacco companies have.Further AnswerThey taste so good because they are made of warm gooy, chocolaty, goodness.

What is a truffle?

A Truffle is both a black mushroom that lives underground and a luxurious chocolate. Both taste very good.

What does the color 9 taste like?


Does Russian Food taste Good?

Yes of course they eat very tasty meals. they good rang of spices in their food to make it tasty.

How is chocolate fudge sauce the same as a chocolate bar?

Chocolate fudge sauce and chocolate bars, though very different, are the same in the sense that both are commonly used and found and are relatively inexpensive to buy at any grocery store or food mart, contain chocolate, and also contain sugar, milk, and fats in them (which is what makes both taste so good).

Why do people eat chocolate in UK?

People all over the world eat chocolate because it is usually very easy access, taste good, and makes nice desserts or snacks.

How does the real chocolate taste like?

Real chocolalte that is a good quality will be semi-sweet, but also with a slightly bitter taste from the real cocoa in it. It will be smooth and creamy and very nice tasting.

What happens if you eat chocolate powder?

Nothing will "happen", but it won't taste very good. It can make you cough or sneeze (since it is so dry), and it is very bitter tasting.

How do you describe chocolate with a p?

Chocolate is the perfect food. I don't like powdery chocolate. Plain chocolate is fine, as long as it is dark chocolate.

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