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Does citric acid or phosphoric acid dissolve meat?


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Does phosphoric acid reduce the meats pH

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Yes, because it has phosphoric acid in it will eventually dissolve meat but very slowly.

Coke cannot dissolve meat because the soda contains acids such as phosphoric and citric acids which will EVENTUALLY dissolve the meat if you give it the time. The concentration of the acid is so low that our digestive systems are easily capable of digesting it with no harm to us.

Coca-Cola is known to be able to dissolve raw meat. This is true of all sodas that contain an acid called phosphoric acid.

It does have phosphoric acid in it, so it will dissolve eventually. But it does not " cook " as they used to tell us. Just took on the brown color.

acid will dissolve meat me and a friend tried it out and in about 2 weeks it worked

Because coke has an acid called Phosphoric acid which has a low pH level (2.5-2.7) The phosphoric acid leaches the calcium out of the meat, thus making it tender. Also, other sodas can make meat tender, such as sprite, pepsi or 7up.

No, because water does not have acid.

I think the acid in the soda eats the ground meat.

Phosphoric acid is used as an acidifying agent to give colas their tangy flavor.Due to the use of phosphoric acid, cola is a actually more acid than lemon juice or vinegar. The vast amount of sugar acts to mask and balance the acidity.Phosphoric acid also goes by E338, orthophosphoric acid, and phosphoric(V) acid.Food-grade phosphoric acid is a mass-produced chemical, available cheaply and in large quantities.Phosphoric acid is commonly used for rust removal.Phosphorus-containing substances occur naturally (0.1%-0.5%) in foods such as milk, meat, poultry, fish, nuts, and egg yolks.According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a consumer watchdog group not affiliated with the food industry, only a small fraction of the phosphate in the American diet comes from additives in soft drinks. Most comes from meat and dairy products. So your reason for not drinking Coke should be its sugar content and artificial food colorings, not the phosphoric acid.

Don't know what 'tbhq' is, but pure citric acid is definitely halal, because it is naturally occurring in fruit (juices). However it also comes as food add, eg. in meat, and it will not make that meat halal if it wasn't so already.

coke can not dissolve meat. The meat literaly dissolves the coke

no.. it wont.. i did a science product where i had to let chicken, salmon and steak sit for in coke 5 days and it did not dissolve

No it does not dissolve in coke

NO! Coke can not dissolve raw meat in five days.

depends on what you mean dissolve, if you are saying as in acids, then hydrochloric acid can dissolve it just like it does in our stomachs. But if you are saying like decomposed and 'disappear into thin air', then bacteria and fungi, with the help of some helpers like wood-louses or maggots, will 'dissolve' it. Anyway, what does meat have to do with ADOLF HITLER?

It does not dissolve meat.

They are very acidic, so things marinaded in soft drinks break down quickly. The acid dissolves fibres that keep the meat together.

The Coca Cola is not acidic enough to dissolve any kind of meat.

It depends on how corrosive the acid is. A mildly-corrosive or noncorrosive acid like ascorbic, citric or diluted acetic tastes sour. A very corrosive acid like hydrochloric starts out very sour and ends up tasting like meat because your tongue dissolves when you try eating the acid.

IT can dissolve a paper clip, but it cant dissolve meat or a nail.

Meat does not generally dissolve in water.

Well marinating meat in acid does two things, The acid of any marinate tenderizes the meat as well as alter the flavor.

yes it will dissolve red meat

no soda cannot disolve meat unless you leave it in for a long time

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