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Cobras are mainly solitary animals. I have studied snakes for around ten years now & as faar as I know the only time cobras will betogether is to mate.

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By covering itself with its body. Or by defending itself

Cobra Group - company - was created in 1986.

ladybugs actually live on there own

A cobra is a loner. No packs.

the cobra can survive in the water but does not live in the water.

Platypuses do not live in groups. They are solitary animals.

A cobra is a snake - which is a sub-family of the reptiles group.

depends on what kind of snakes.

the king cobra live in the canopy layer of the rainforest.

when a person is bitten by a king cobra, they have about thirty seconds to live.

by biting you. it has a dangerous venom

The king cobra defends itself by biting the predators with its venomous fangs. The mongoose, a predator on the cobra, is fast enough to avoid a bite, and will grab the snake by the neck. But cobras are not the main diet of the mongoose.

A king cobra is not a mammal. A king cobra is a reptile and can live to 20 years of age.

It lives on the moon. With the moon monsters.

a cobra lives in ajungle were it could have a watery life

If you are bitten by a king cobra you won't live because it venomous

The rain forest that the cobra lives in is the Southeast Asian rainforest. A cobra is one of the most poisonous snakes in the world.

A mollusk is a sea creature that lives within a shell. A cobra does not live in a shell.

Bilbies are generally solitary animals. At most, they will live in family groups of up to four.

with its sharp needle like fangs

Some species of cobra live in a desert.

Horse live in herds or bans, these are large or small groups of horses but many demestic horses live solo.