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Q: Does cocaine cause your nose to bleed and what other drugs make your nose bleed?
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What can cause a false positive of cocaine?

physical conditions or other prescribed drugs thst may cause false positive in urine tedt for cocaine

Can drugs cause deaths?

it depends on the drugs used. Most man-made drugs such as cocaine and heroin can easily cause death from an overdose. Other drugs such as marijuana cannot kill you. so basically, yes SOME drugs can kill you.

Except from cortal What are the other drugs that can cause an end to pregnancy?

im guessing cocaine would kill a baby

What drugs show a positive test results for cocaine usage?

No other drug tests positive for cocaine but cocaine!

In a hair follicle test for cocaine will other drugs show up?

Not if the test is specific for cocaine.

What drug makes your eyes dark and sunken?

A lot of drugs can and will cause this. Heroin comes to mind, but meth will do it and other hard drugs, too like cocaine. Hard drugs do harm to your health and cause other signs of poor health and the breakdown of the body over time.

What drugs have cocaine in them?

Illegal drugs: Cocaine is a drug in itself, so most street drugs don't have cocaine in them, which is sold on its own. If people cut other drugs into pills, for instance, they aren't likely to put cocaine into the pill because it is much more expensive than others and they could get a better price for it on its own. Legal drugs: In the UK and US no legal drugs have cocaine in them. In the UK it's a Class A drug.

Does taking cocaine lead to taking other drugs?

Generally no, most people who do cocaine have already tried most other drugs. The reality is, once you try cocaine you might start mixing it with dangerous combinations ie. Heroine.

What other things cause erosion?


What other drugs could cause a positive test result for cocaine usage if you have not used cocaine?

Cocaine on a drug test can show positive due to:procainelidocainenovocaine...I hope you are starting to see a pattern.Some people have said that aspirin can also show up as a positive cocaine test.

Does cocaine treat pain?

In some cases cocaine and other forms of Illegal drugs can and do help with pain. Sincerley, Tristan

Why are people afraid of durgs?

Cause there are some drugs that can be harmful to the human body. These drugs are in the "Hardcore" category such as meth, crack, LSD, and cocaine. Other drugs such as marijuana people are only afraid cause society tells them to be. Honestly marijuana has no negative affect on the human body or brain.

What does cocaine have in common with other drugs?

Cocaine is very different from other drugs like Marijuana and Alcohol ect. Cocaine gives you a rush and intense high. I will not lie but it does feel great, I do not recommend you try it but thats all you. Cocaine high lasts up to 20 - 35 min mostly depending on purity.

How can you bleed easily?

Ibuprofen, tylenol, and other blood thinners can cause you to bleed easier.

Is there any other medication that can cause a positive cocaine result?


What do they use for drugs in movies?

Oregano for weed; Flour for cocaine. As for other drugs such as anything injected they usually use water or saline.

What drugs aren't allowed in the Olympics?

Steroids and performance enhancing drugs, along with other illegal drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin, ectasy, etc.

Do rastafarians use cocaine?

No, not by religion... they cite all other drugs as created/modified by man

Is cocain legal in Amsterdam?

No, cocaine and other "hard drugs" are very much illegal in the Netherlands.

What other than cocaine can cause cocaine to show up on a urine screen?

Nothing else can make cocaine show up on a urine screen.

Did Barack Obama deal drugs?

Yes, Of course. Everybody knows that he did. He dealt everything. Cocaine, Ecstasy and other class A drugs. Does that answer your question?

What does Possession SCH IV mean?

Schedule 4 drugs. Stuff that needs a prescription or I believe cocaine, heroin, and other hard drugs

Does coke cause acne?

Yes, cocaine use can cause acne, as well as other problems.

Does molly have cocaine or any other drug?

No, molly is a pure form of MDMA. Cocaine and molly are two completly different drugs, although they look alike.

Did metallica ever take drugs?

Yes they did back in the day and here are the drugs they did James Hetfield only did Liquor, pot and alcohol Krik Hammett bad cocaine problems and pot Lars Ulrich did acid and cocaine Jason Newsted Pot Dave Mustaine cocaine, heroin and more and the other members did not use drugs