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No - in fact, it would not be a good idea to drink coffee with a cold. You need fluids more than anything, and caffeine being a diuretic will work to remove fluids from your body rather than add them.

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Q: Does coffee help fight a cold?
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Can coffee help a cold?

I have been told to avoid drinking coffee when you have a cold.

Does hot tea help fight a cold?

No. It will help you relax.

Is cold coffee bad for asthma?

Coffee has no effect on asthma.A different perspective:As the parent of an asthmatic child, cold coffee can sometimes help reduce the severity of mild to moderate attacks.

Is it bad to drink coffee when your sick?

Well, it is a hot substance that you drink, based on the illness, it could actually help to fight the virus. For example, if your coming down with the flu, or a cold, drinking hot drinks like coffee can slow down the proliferation because the flu and cold viruses proliferate (or grow) in the throat, where your hot coffee will be going.

Should you pour cold water on a coffee burn?

Cold water will help. Ice is better if you have it around.

Does coffee help a cold to go away?

Yes. Only strong coffee. Coffee is known to help a cold to go away because of the strong taste with alot of calories. A faster way for that cold to go away is to add 3 tsp. of sugar. People also drink it whenever they have a runny nose.

How does medicine help your cold?

the medicine releses antibodies to help fight germs that are causing you to be sick

Why don't cold showers or hot coffee help to sober up?

Because taking a shower or drinking some coffee doesn't get the alcohol out of your body, although it might help you be more alert.

What are the parts of speech in this sentence The coffee was cold?

coffee noun was verb cold adjective

When was Cold Coffee Morning created?

Cold Coffee Morning was created on 1998-09-22.

Can excercising help fight a cold?

no. unfortunetely. Tried it :D didnt work at all

What spices can you put in chicken noodle soup to help fight a cold?

black pepper

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