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None that weren't there already. No, many people show what cola products do to a nail, but the body treats those chemicals differently. First, carbonic acid dissolves limestone, rusts nails and generally does a number on many minerals. Carbonic acid is produced when carbon dioxide is bubbled through water. Carbonic acid is responsible for cave formations in so many of the caves around the world. Minerals are dissolved when rainwater containing slight amounts of carbonic acid passes over mineral bearing rock. When the water drips in a cave, the carbon dioxide is released and the mineral is deposited on the surfaces of the cave formations. The human body deals with carbonic acid in a different way. First, we release carbon dioxide when we exhale. The carbon dioxide in our blood turns to gas when we exhale, but remember that it was first in our blood... in the form of carbonic acid. The body produces "buffers" that neutralize the carbonic acid. We're designed to handle it. So don't worry about the carbonic acid in soft drinks. But cola products also contain phosphoric acid to modify the taste. Unfortunately, carbonic acid has been found to cause a loss of bone density. If you're smart, you'll limit your intake of phosphoric acid to no more than one can of cola per day.

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Q: Does coke really put holes in your brain?
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