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yes of old age

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What year did clone commander Cody die?

Commander Cody did not die.

Does clone commander Cody die?

no commander rex is stronger and more skilled than cody! giggle i changed the names

Who has higher rank commander Cody or commander fox?

commander Cody and commander fox are both in the same rank (commander) but commander Cody is a clone marshal commander, commander fox is not.

Does commander Cody live to see obi wan die?

CCommander Cody did not live to see obi-wan die because Cody died before obi wan did because commander Cody is a clone and they have life acceleration meaning the clones don't live very much.

How did Commander Cody die?

general grievous killed him in episode 3

Did commander Cody die?

He actually is grand moff tarkin. So he died in episode 4 Major zeo : That's ridiculous commander Cody is not tarkin and no it is not said that Cody died but it is unknown for now...

Is commander fox better than commander Cody?

no. commander Cody was so good he was assigned to obi won kenobi.

Was commander Cody a captain at first?

no he was still a commander

When will captain rex be a commander?

When he kills commander Cody.

Who is Commander Cody in Star Wars?

Commander Cody is a clone, that served under Obi-Wan Kenobi in the clone wars.

Who has a higher rank commander Cody or commander bly?

They both have the same rank. BUT commander BLY has more experience because commander Cody didnt participate in the first battle of geonosis and bluy did

Does Commander Cody die in Star Wars Episode III?

No, it is unknown what happens to him, he is last seen receiving order 66 and firing upon obi wan. all we know is that commander cody, got angered at the emperor and later left his legion with out a commander... l found out in the comics

Is commander Cody grand moff tarkin?

No. Commander Cody and Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin are two totally different people.

What nicknames does Cody DeVos go by?

Cody DeVos goes by Commander Cody, Cutthroat, and Code Red.

Is Cody higher than rex?

of course Cody is a commander and rex is captain

How does commander Cody die?

Cody dies by age because by the time luke is born ankin is old so the clones were older and they don't have as long as a life as a jedi/sith

Does commander Cody die ever?

in real starwars yeah greavous cuts off his head in clone wars no we will have to find out

Does Commander Cody die in The Clone Wars?

No, he is alive in episode 3, so he must live through the clone wars.

How do you get commander Cody in Lego Star Wars 3 beta?

you get commander Cody on the rishi moon, but you need seargeant fox and captain rex to unlock the station

Who has the higher rank Commander Cody or Captain Rex?

commander Cody has the higher rank because if u look up the clone ranking system you can find the order. private, sergeant, lieutenant, captain then commander

Which one is better captain rex or commander Cody?

commander cody because he's got more skill better rank thats why hes commander and if u have seen him he very strong even without a blaster captain rex is strong without a blaster but not as good as cody

Who is the clone commander in Star Wars clone wars?

There are many but here are some. There's Commander Cody, Commander Gree, Commander Fox, Commander Bly, Captain Rex (equivalent to Commander), Commander Ponds Commander Jet, and some more but I can't remember.

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