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It is impossible to improve the quality of any recording. Converting from one format to another, even a better format can only be as good as the original source used. Converting from .rm to mp3 can only preserve the quality if you use at least the same sample and bit rate. Converting to mp3 will however make the file more usefull and playable from more machines.

example: a digital recording made with a 22k sampling rate burned on to an audio CD (44.1k) still retains the level of quality from the source 22k because there is no material on there that is of higher quality in the first place. You however would be able to use the audio CD in more places than a 22khz file on a thumb drive.

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Q: Does converting an .rm file to .mp3 format increase its quality?
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Hi, You can use any audio software to convert mp3 to .wav format or you can download free audio format converters through internet. I just want to make one thing clear that by converting mp3 back to CD format you are not going to improve the audio quality instead it will just increase your file size bcoz CD format (.wav) files are 1411 kbps. And if you are converting this just to make it play in a CD player which doesn't support mp3 then it's fine. Rgds, Brijith

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