Does copper or aluminum rust faster?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: Does copper or aluminum rust faster?
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What rusts faster aluminium or carbon steel?

Since aluminum cannot rust ('rust' is a specific term for the corrosion of iron), carbon steel will be faster. Althpough an oxide coat forms on both aluminum and steel, the oxides are of a different nature. The iron "rust" is a pervious coating which allows water to be held against the metal and oxygen to enter and react with the wet metal, aluminum oxide is an impervious layer which protects the metal from further decomposition,

Which will rust faster Cooper or silver?

copper and silver dont rust. but copper tarnishes and so does silver. but copper will tarnish faster than silver. also, learn to spell please.

What 6 metals do not rust?

copper, aluminum, tin, lead, gold, silver,

What makes aluminum foil rust faster vinegar or water?

Actually, vinegar and saltwater makes it rust... it happened to me...

Does aluminum heats up faster than copper?

no it does not

Do copper pennies rust in soda or vinegar faster?

Pennies don't rust; they're copper. They corrode. The phosphoric acid, carbonation and salt in soda will corrode a penny faster than the other liquids.

Hypothesis for which type of metal steelcopper bronze rust faster?

If steel rusts faster than copper or bronze, then which of copper or bronze rusts faster than the other one?

What metals silver aluminum copper zinc and steel would be the first to rust?

steel - due to the presence of iron in it. others will oxidise, not rust.

Why does a nail rust faster than a penny?

Nails are made of iron, but pennies are copper and zinc. Iron reacts with oxygen to form rust, but copper on the outside of a penny does not.

Does wood silver aluminum copper gold and steel rust?

(For the purposes of answering this question I am rephrasing it as: "Which, if any, of the following materials 'rust': wood, silver, aluminum, copper, gold, and steel") The word "rust" (a verb) usually refers to the oxidation of iron, or most kinds of steel, to form an oxide of that material (i.e., iron oxide) on the surface, also called "rust" (a noun). More generally, the oxidation of any metal could be called rusting, in which case silver, aluminum, and copper all "rust" to differing degrees. To the best of my knowledge, gold and stainless steel do not oxidize under ordinary atmospheric conditions. (Silver "rust" is usually called "tarnish", copper "rust" "verdigris", and aluminum "rust" "aluminum oxide".) Wood is not a metal (nor an element), and its oxidation is ordinarily a fire producing ash and smoke, complex compounds containing many oxides, but never considered "rust".

Which metal rust fastest copper bronze or steel?

iron will rust faster because the hydrogen molecules combine with metalic molecules in the iron faster which causes the chemical reaction process to speed up sincerly, Jake from AZ 7th grade student

Does copper or iron corrode faster and why?

Iron generally corrodes faster because the oxide layer (rust) does not seal the metal's surface from oxygen like the corrosion on copper does.