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If a copper is clean it doesn't react to acid, unless precisely if the acid is also an oxidising agent.It happens because copper is below hydrogen in the activities series. (will notice that this is not really an explanation, just an impressive way of saying that copper is not reactive enough to react with acids.)

if any reason the copper surface has been oxidised, the copper oxide will dissolve in acid that's the only time it will react to acid.

If the acid is strongly oxidising, the copper can dissolve to make a solution of the copper salt. For example, copper dissolves in concentrated nitric acid to give you nitrogen oxides and copper nitrate in solution, and also in hot concentrated sulphuric acid to give you sulphur dioxide and copper hydrogen-sulphate in solution.

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How does copper react with chlorine?

Chlorine and copper do not react

Does hydrochloric acid react with copper?

No. Copper does not react with hydrochloric acid

Does copper react with water?

No, copper does not react with cold water or steam.

How do copper react with water?

Copper (Cu) does not react at all with water.

Does sulfur react with copper chloride?

No, sulfur does not react with copper chloride

Does copper react with magnesium sulphate?

No, but magnesium ribbon will react with copper sulphate

Does copper react quickly with alkalis?

Copper doesn't react wih alkalis.

Does stainless steel react with copper?

- Stainless steel doesn't react with copper. - Stainless steels doesn't contain copper.

How reactive is copper?

Copper does not react in water.

Does copper carbonate react with water?

Copper (ii) Carbonate is insoluble in water, therefore it does not react

Why copper react from vinegar?

Copper reacts with the oxidilized copper on the penny.

Does copper react with oxygen?

if you mix copper and oxygen you get Copper oxide !

What does copper react to?

copper reacts to any acid

Would magnesium nitrate and copper react?

Magnesium nitrate and copper would not react, since magnesium is more reactive than copper.

What happens when copper and sulphur react?

When Copper and Sulphur react, it combusts (blows up). It can break the glass it is in!

What does copper not react with?

copper reacts to a lot of things but does not react to some common pieces like metal

Would copper and magnesium nitrate react?

Copper nitrate doesn't react with magnesium nitrate; the solution contain ions of copper, magnesium and nitrate.

How does copper react in hydrochloric acid?

it makes the water go cloudy but when it comes to doing the hydrogen test it doesn't do anything

Does copper carbonate react when dissolved in hydrochloric acid?

Yes it do But don't forget that it don't react with the Copper only

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