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Does copying dvds reduce quality of the movie?

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Yes and it is illegal to copy movies that are copyrighted.

2018-04-13 23:49:10
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You can enjoy good quality low price dvds from herehttpdvdsel?

yes,you can find any dvds movie from i did!

Any sprojectors work with DVD slide shows?

If you want a projector that can be used with DVDs, the Epson MovieMate 55 is a good choice. It can play movie DVDs and has good audio quality.

Is there any software you can use to copyright DVDs or CDs that you burn in order to prevent people from copying them?


Does PS3 play all dvds in HD?

Yes the PS3 will upgrade the DVDs to near HD quality.

Can you buy normal dvds and load onto your ipod?

Only a certain type of video file can be played on the iPod so you can only load some of the DVD movie files you have onto the iPod but most of the dvds are protected from copying the content of the DVD into the computer. So if you buy a DVD and copy the movie file into the computer successfully then you should be able to upload that movie onto your iPod.

Why are DVDs better than videos?

DVDs are better quality and don't wear out as fast. They hav spesh features

Do you lose quality of standard dvds playing on Blu-ray player?

No. DVD quality will be displayed whether the player is a DVD player or a Bluray player. DVDs won't be the same quality as a Bluray disc of course.

Can you play Blu-ray dvds in PS3 slim?

You can play Blu-Ray discs or DVDs that are then upscaled to near HD quality.

Can I play a movie DVD on a sony ps1?

No the Playstation does not play DVDs, only the PS2 and PS3 can play DVDs

How do you rip movies off dvds and put them on your computer?

Download 'ripper' software or DVD copying/backup software. Check for some starters.

Is copying a disc illegal?

depends on what kind of disk you have. music disks you can copy but it is not illegal unless you sell it. dvds are illegal to copy in the first place.

Can PlayStation 3 play regular dvds?

Yes it can and it will upgrade them to near HD quality

What is the main advantage of using DVDs instead of CDs?

dvd gives better quality...!

DVD copiers that are old and at a discount?

It depends on what your price point and what DVDs you're trying to copy. There are standalone DVD copiers that range from about 150 to a couple hundred dollars. However, if you're copying commercial DVD movies you may run into issues with copy protection on those types of DVDs. If you're copying VHS transfers or personal DVDs then that shouldn't be an issue. Still, I think buying a DVD burner for a computer may be the cheapest why to copy DVDs. They can be had for as little as $25 or so these days. Of course you'll still need burning software like Nero or CDBurnXp and a computer. If you're copying commercial movies then you'll need to purchase or get some software that can bypass copy protection schemes like AnyDVD.

Can you play regular DVDs on a PS3 Slim?

Yes you can and the PS3 will upgrade them to near HD quality.

What are the benefits of a bluray player?

Higher quality pictures and multi-channel sound, plus the greater density means that a movie that required two DVDs could easily fit on a single BR disk.

How do you reduce my weight within 1month from home itself?

You can reduce your weight within one month right at home. Work out to exercise DVDs and focus on healthy eating.

Where to buy cheap DVDs?

walmart, and kmart are gonna be the most likely places to buy cheap dvds.. in mexcio they are like 2 or 3 dollars and you can buy dvds at movie places they are kinda cheap..

Why do some computers have more than one DVD drive in them?

Computers that have multiple DVD drives in them are typically used for recording or copying multiple CDs or DVDs at once.

Why isn't the movie Bugsy Malone out on DVD?

because its before DVDs

What is the normal price range for blu ray dvds?

The cost of blu ray dvds ranges from about $10 to $20. This is only a few dollars more than standard dvds; however the picture quality is far superior and definitely worth the price difference.

Can your ps3 play all DVDs?

No some DVDs are restricted to certain regions and others might not be readable by the PS3. My PS3 has no trouble reading the DVDs I make of TV programs I record on my Media Center computer and it upgrades them to near HD quality. It also played the DVDs I rented better than my DVD/VCR.

What brand of reusable blank DVDs are the best quality?

Sony makes the best quailite DVD's by far.

Do Blu-ray discs have better quality than normal DVDs?

Yes bluray disks have much better quality than regular dvds the pictures better and the disk is also better and harder to scratch. You must have a bluray dve player in order to use it.

How to watch the movie?

You can watch a movie at the movie theater, by borrow, buying some DVDs/VHSs or watch it online. Just view it.