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No it doesn't have a backbone.

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What is coral polyp?

a coral polyp is an animal with no back bone

Does a coral snake have a back bone?

Yes a coral snake has a backbone. It is a vertebrate. It is also a reptile

What ARE the advantages of coral?

coral is used to help build bone used in surgerys be cause of the pores in coral it gives bone somthing to grow into make it strong.

What has bone octopus coral-snake or snail?

The coral snake, as a vertebrate, has bones.

How do Humans use Coral as building supplies or Medical supplies How are they used as those?

Medically the coral is sterilized and used to reconstruct places where bone is needed. For example if a person has a bad motorcycle accident and their cheek bone is destroyed, sterilized coral would be shaped and placed into the skull to replace the missing bone.

Does a bee have a back bone?

no bees do not have a back bone

What is the ocean coral made out of?

Coral is the skeletal bone of the living organism, it is made of limestone. So really, it is both bone and stone! Lime-stone : sedimentary rock which contains mainly calcium carbonate coral : hard colored skeleton secreted by certain marine polyps

Does a MANATEE have a back bone?

The manatee is a mammal and has a back bone.

Does horse have back bone?

Yes, a horse has a back bone.

Do butterflys have a back bone?

no butterfly's are invertebrates. they do not have a back bone.

What bone is found at your back?

the bone that is foun in your back is an backbone

Does a praying mantis have a back bone?

no, a mantis does not have a back bone

Does a cow have a back bone?

yes a cow has a back bone

What you call animal back bone?

the animal would be called a vertebrate, because it has a back bone. If it does not have a back bone then it would be called an invertebrate. But yes the back bone would be called a spine

Does a dragon fly have a back bone?

Yes a dragonfly does have a back bone

Does a trout have a back bone?

Yes, a trout is a vertebrate and has a back bone.

Do starfish have back bone?

Starfish does not have back bone. It is invertebrate animal.

What kinds of animals are vertebrates and invertebrates?

back bone or not back bone

Does a eagel have a back bone?

Eagles are birds and have a spine (back bone).

Is bizzy bone back with the group?

Yes, Bizzy Bone is back with Bone Thugs N Harmony.

Do whales have a back bone?

Yes,whales are vertebrates, which means they have a back bone.

What is the back bone attached to?

okay back bone is attached to nerve of your brain

What is another name for your back bone?

Spine is another word for back bone

What are vertebrate and invertebrate animals?

vertebrate = has a back bone invertebrate = has no back bone

Does an earthworm have a back bone?

Earthworm does not have the back bone. Earthworm is invertebrate animal.

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