Does cupric sulfate irritate skin

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Yes, it does

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Q: Does cupric sulfate irritate skin
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What is the synonym of copper sulfate?

copper sulfate, cupric sulfate, cupric sulphate.l

Cupric sulfate formula?

Cupric or copper II sulfate is CuSO4

What will cupric sulfate dissolve?

In water

What happens when cupric sulfate and cupric chloride are mixed with water?

CuSO4 + H20

Does sodium lauryl sulfate cause cancer?

no but it can irritate skin and in exess can damage hair

- What would happen to the anhydrous cupric sulfate if you added water to it?

If you were to add water to anhydrous cupric sulfate it would be pentahydrate a bright blue.

Which faster dissolves first the solid cupric sulfate or powdered cupric sulfate?

powders have larger surface areas so will dissolve faster

What is the colour of soluble cupric salts?

Cupric sulfate and chloride are blue; also cupric carbonate is blue but not soluble in water.

Why is heating cupric sulfate a chemical change?

It is not.

What is the cupric sulfate flame color?


Is cupric sulfate soluble in water?

Yes it is

What color does cupric sulfate burn?