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I have absolutely no medical knowledge to back up this answer but I will safely say that dancing is one of the best cardio workouts ever. You never see fat dancers. When I went to clubs as a young man I could drink all night because I stayed on the dance floor and burned the alcohol off as fast as I drank it. I also never acquired the proverbial beer gut.So to answer your question yes dancing will help reduce fat as fast if not faster than jogging and walking. It is also a lot more fun.

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What is Canada's most popular leisure activity?

I would say Walking this would include jogging and running

Which is the best way to exersice jogging or walking?

defo jooging, walking only burns half the amount of calories you would doing other exercises

Which type of muscle fibers would be utilized for short periods of walking or jogging?

Slow twitch fibers

Do you burn more calories while walking or jogging?

When it comes to burning calories, your heart rate is much more important than what it is that you are doing. If you can reach and sustain the same heart rate for the same amount of time you will burn pretty much the same amount of calories regardless of activity.But probably, jogging would get your heart rate up more than walking, so for the same period of time, jogging would burn more calories.

What sentence for jogging?

I like to jog a lot and it would be jogging

How long would it take to burn off 4000 calories?

A long time sitting, less time walking, even less time jogging

Why was the treadmill made?

The treadmill is a machine that is used by people to do exercises like walking, jogging and running at home. It was designed for people who do not have the time or the facilities (like a jogging track) to perform an efficient workout. This machine helps you achieve the same results as you would get from a jogging track from the comfort of your home. Note: A treadmill is good but it can never replace a good round of jogging in a jogging track. If you have tracks around your home you are better off using them.

Are rockport shoes good for walking and jogging?

I would first try to find a Walking Shoe store near your area. They will carry a nice selection of Rockport Shoes. Also, Marshalls and TJ Maxx will occasionally carry them.

How do you become an air force PJ?

Rockport shoes are good walking shoes but I would suggest getting a different shoe for jogging and running. New balance have shoes that are good for both walking and running.

Name something Cinderella would have a hard time doing in her glass slippers?

Running,Tap Dancing,Walking,Mopping,and Jumping

Why would jogging need cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance?

why would jogging need cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance?

What exercises would be good for a week to lose 1 pound?

To lose one pound, you'll want to do plenty of aerobic exercise (namely, you'll want to decrease your weekly intake by 3500 calories, with exercise and/or cutting calories): running walking jogging swimming elliptical biking jumping jacks hiking stair-stepper dancing

Is there any chance to convert your vibration like walking and dancing into electrical energy?

Yes. Any motion at all can be captured and converted to electricity. However, unless you are harnessing a consistent motion (such as the spinning wheel of a bike) the results are rarely worth the effort or costs involved. For walking the best results for harnessing its electrical potential would be through the use of a resistance treadmill or a large walking/jogging wheel (like a hamster wheel). Even the impact of feet to floor can be harnessed but with current technology this is clunky and not very practical.

Is jogging an infinitive?

The word jogging is not simply an infinitive. An infinitive is [to + a verb]. To jog would be an infinitive.

Why cant a jogging shoe talk?

It's not that a jogging shoe can't talk it's just that jogging shoes tend to be anti-social. However if you wish to get a shoe that would talk I would get a tennis shoe.

What is a normal heart rate for a teenager jogging?

A teenager jogging would normally have a heart rate of 100 to 140.

How many times per week for male sedentary beginner trying to do aerobic exercise?

3 is the standard for sustained improvement. I would say do 30 minutes 3 per week walking and gradually begin walking faster and then jogging. Once jogging, add another day and continue to increase speed until running comfortably. Going from there is simply a matter of listening to your body. I would also say add different activities so the routine doesn't become boring.

Is power walking better than jogging?

Yes and no, jogging and running certainly can achieve greater calorie burn in less time, however the wear and tear on the body is increased. A person can walk for a much longer time then they can jog or run, and it will have less of an impact on the joints and feet. If you are starting a new exercise program, power walking would be a wonderful place to start, in time you will find that you have the ability to jog with easy, then run! Enjoy!

How many calories are burned per km?

The amount of calories burned per kilometer depends upon a person's weight and the speed they are walking or jogging. For walking, 80 calories and for running around 110 calories. These values would vary, for an individual calculation see the related links.

If a robot did the robot would it be the robot or just dancing?

It would be a Robot , dancing!!!

What is better for fitness skipping or jogging?

Depends how much effort you put in really, but i would say jogging because you can go further

How much weight would you lose walking 50 miles?

It depends upon your weight, your age, your body composition, your degree of fitness, and where you are walking (flat ground or incline) as well as how far you are walking and how fast you are walking. Cardio walking for weight loss is veryeffective when done properly. Moreover, it is easier on your body than running or jogging and it is sustainable long term. For more information about how to do cardio walking correctly, see the relevant page, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

What is the best natural weight loss program available?

The best natural weight loss programs would be to just stick with a steady workout schedule and eat healthy. Try going walking or jogging or going to the gym.

Why is it more comfortable wearing jogging pants under my jeans?

Jogging pant in general are more comfortable and warmer than jeans. I would skip the jeans all together and just wear the jogging pants.

How many minutes would it take to walk a mile?

The average walking speed is about 3 miles an hour, so it would take about 20 minutes to walk a mile. However, it depends on your health, what you are carrying, and level of effort: walking slowly = 20-25 mins per mile walking briskly = 17-20 mins per mile walking fast = 13-17 mins per mile jogging = 9-13 mins per mile running = 5-9 mins per mile