Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Does depression cause breathing problems?


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Depression can cause breathing problems by causing the person to go into a panic attack. Depression in itself, does not cause any type of lung disease that would affect your breathing.


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No, but they can cause back problems.

probably not unless you already have breathing problems

i have found that breathing problems are caused by dust and allergies if anyone around you smokes that my also be a cause of why or how you have or caught breathing problems this may be true for you and it may not be but it is for me

It can be hard to separate them, because ADHD or ADD can cause depression but depression can also cause concentration problems. If you want to fix your problems you have to find out which one is the underlying cause. For instance, if something has recently happened in your life (death, trauma etc) it might be depression.

If the clinician suspects an inflammatory cause of breathing problems, s/he may prescribe an injection of corticosteroids.

your lungs are what you breath with and if they get black and crumbly you will have a hard time breathing

Yes. High doses of caffeine can cause breathing problems, especially in the young. Children under 16 should avoid energy drinks.

1. It is a pollutant2. It can cause skin problems. 3. It can cause breathing problems.

Low blood pressure can cause dizziness, fainting, lack of concentration, and blurred vision. It can also lead to rapid or shallow breathing, depression, and more problems.

It can cause depression, which can lead to suicide in some cases.

Difficulty breathing, respiratory disease, and death.

You can combine these, however be aware that both of these cause sedation, therefore by combining both of them you can become very sedated. If you have sleep apnea, any other breathing problems, or are sensitive to the effects of either of these medications, I would not combine them. Vicodin can cause respiratory depression and in some cases, breathing may stop entirely.

Volcanic ash can cause lung problems from breathing the ash in.

No they will both cause depression of the CNS (breathing and heart rate) and dehydration.

Cats do not normally breathe out of the mouth, so the nose is very important for a feline to breathe. A broken nose can cause breathing problems in a cat.

No. The suboxone will stop the darvocet from working. Also, combining darvocet and suboxone could cause respiratory depression (a decreased rate of breathing). If respiratory depression is severe enough it can cause death.

There are many things that cause fast breathing: heat, seizures or heart problems, or just panting.

No. The suboxone will stop the codeine from working. Also, combining codeine and suboxone could cause respiratory depression (a decreased rate of breathing). If respiratory depression is severe enough it can cause death.

Deviated septum can cause breathing issues, dyspepsia and causes a swollen issues. There could be a few other things that can cause this too.

They can if they're the ones in your airway ... that is the tonsils and adenoids.

it can cause mouth cancer,breathing problems and lings cancer etc

dat will mek ur teeth fall out buyyy

The ozone at ground level is a pollutant. It can cause breathing problems.

Yes and it can cause headaches, cancer, and other health problems such as breathing and such!

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