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Yes DeVante Swing has a 20 year old son named Justin.

Yes DeVante Swing has a 20 year old son named Justin.

And a 21 year old Daughter Named Diana

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When was DeVante Swing born?

DeVante Swing was born on September 24, 1969.

What nicknames does DeVante DeGrate go by?

DeVante DeGrate goes by DeVante Swing.

What is DeVante Swing's birthday?

DeVante Swing was born on September 24, 1969.

Where does Devante Swing live?


Where do devante swing live?


How old is DeVante Swing?

"DeVante Swing" (Donald DeGrate Jr.) is 48 years old (birthdate: September 29, 1969).

Did devante swing cheat on Arlene?


Is devante swing single?

Nope, He's married.

Has Devante Swing a girlfriend?

Yes, Her name is Rae.

Is Devante Swing HIV positive?

How much he worth

Is devante swing wife a white woman?


Who is DeVante Swing baby mama?

Arlene DelValle and Shannon Price and Katrina Burton.

Is devante swing married to a white woman?

Yes to a girl named rae

Does devante from jodeci have kids?

Yes. At least two.

Is devante swing an married man?

Yes. He married to a girl name Rae.

Does devante from Jodeci have any kids?

yes. he has 4 devante jr., shante, shannon, and derrell.

When was Swing Kids - soundtrack - created?

Swing Kids - soundtrack - was created in 1993.

Does devante swing have a wife?

Yes. He recently married his longtime girlfriend of 6 years name Rae.

Is devante swing is alive or dead?

yes he is still alive, i just searched it and it never listed a dote of death. Check wikipedia.

Did devante swing tattoo his face?

yes its on his right side next to his eye taking up the whole right side of his face

Why did the director in swing kids put the Nazis as buffoons or clowns?

The movie Swing Kids is about a group of close knit kids in Nazi Germany who love swing music and dancing. The director put the Nazis as buffoons or clowns as a way to add comedy to the movie.

What does devante mean?

Devante means fighter of wrong

How tall is devante swing?

He's 6'3 . I saw him at the airport here in Shreveport ,La .He was on his way to Charottle, North Carolina to spend time with his parents for a couple of days.

Where did timberland get his name from?

Timothy Mosley To explain this properly, Timbaland did NOT get the name just from his regular name. He got it from the boots. DeVante Swing, a producer and member of the successful R&B act Jodeci signed Sista (Missy's old R&B group) to his Swing Mob record label and Elliott brought Timothy Mosley (Timbaland) with her to New York, where Swing Mob was based. It was DeVante who renamed the young producer Timbaland, after Timberland construction boots, which were popular in hip hop fashion.

Facts about Arvid in the movie swing kids?

Arvid is an anti Nazi German citizen who is crippled. He is obsessed with swing music and is even apart of the swing kids. He is also a great guitar player. Best friends with Peter and Thomas (in the beginning.)