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No They only work on Diamond

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โˆ™ 2009-12-26 14:52:20
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Q: Does diamond codes work in platinum?
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Are diamond codes the same for platinum codes?


Why are cheat codes not working on platinum Pokemon?

You need an action replay to insert codes for Pokemon platinum,pearl,and diamond.

Does action replay codes from diamond work on platinum?

Anyone knows that! Lol just kidding I don't think it works

Pokemon diamond pearl and platinum action replay codes that work. Please specify witch codes are for witch game?

all the games as far as i know

Do Ar codes for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl work for Pokemon platinum?

Unfortunately the Action Replay codes do not work for Platinum, but if you level up/catch rare Pokemon on Diamond/Pearl and trade them over (holding an item e.g. masterball) then it'll be like a little cheat device. This is how I intend to get Manaphy.

Do diamond cheats work on platinum?


Are there any pixie hollow diamond codes that work?

There are diamond codes that work, but they are not cheat codes. You would have to get them from a site that is working with Disney for a promotion. These codes only work once.

What is the difference between a Pokemon diamond US action replay code and a Pokemon platinum US action replay code?

welll, it's pretty obvious: a diamond code is for diamond and a platinum code is for platinum. Like the other guy said, they wont work for each other if you try a diamond code with a platinum game its not going to work same way the other way around. you could have the same thing you wanted to get for platinum and diamond but the codes will be different. hope that helped. =)

I can not get all my action replay codes to work on Pokemon diamond or pearl or platinum?

your action replay probobly is busted or you just are not doing it right.

How do you get Pokemon codes?

I can give you any AR code you want for Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl.

Does Pokemon Pearl Action Replay codes work on Pokemon Platinum game?

I HIGHLY doubt Pokemon Pearl AR cheat codes will work in Pokemon Platinum =]

Why don't my platinum savs work?

wrong codes probobally

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