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no that is anterior, superior is towards the top head, inferior is towards the bottom

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What superior means?

Above, or towards the head.

Is the forehead superior to the chin?

Yes, superior means towards the top and the forehead is more towards the top of the body than the chin is.

Is your spine superior to your sternum?

superior, in anatomical terms means closer to the top of the body, and inferior means closer to the bottom of the body. eg, your neck is superior to your pelvis. anterior means towards the front of the body, posterior towards the back. eg, your sternum is anterior of your scapular. so, 'is your spine superior to your sternum' is not correct. this actually mixes the terminology of superior/inferior and anterior/posterior. your spine cannot be 'higher' than your sternum, it can however be posterior to your sternum. Hope this helps!

Define the term cranial or superior or rostral?

superior means above. cranial towards the bone of the head.

What does it mean by anteroinferior direction when pertaining to the neck?

Well posterior means back and inferior means towards the bottom so it would be pertaining to the lower front of the neck

What terms means towards or at the back of the body?

Towards the back is posterior and towards the front is the anterior.

What does the word develop means?

To change towards a specific direction.

What is the meaning of the prefix ob?

In some words it means towards or object is to throw towards obverse is to turn towards obsequious is to follow towards The prefix ob- means on or near, before, toward or against, as in offer; with a negative connotation as in occlude; opposite to or in front of as in obstetric; on account of; in a different direction, downward as in omit; away from as in obliterate; and it indicates intensified action as in obdurate.

When the weather reporter tells us that there is a front moving in what does that mean?

It means that a front of air moving in one direction is moving to your area. It can be either a cold front or a warm front, which means that either cold air or warm air is moving in one direction to your area.

Does ventral mean in front?

Not really - "cranial" or "rostral" would be more "in front". Ventral is a directional term used in non-human animals. It means "towards the ground" or "towards the belly or abdominal surface". The opposite directional term is dorsal, which means "towards the backbone".

What is another word which means towards the front?

Used in nautical language, "Forward"

If the wind is blowing due east what direction is it going in?

Due east means towards the east.

What does it mean to say that the small intestines are caudal to the stomach?

Caudal is a direction. It means "towards the tail".

What does superior mean in medical terminology?

In medical terminology superior means above, referring to a part of the body that is situated above another or directed upwards. More specifically it means towards the head. superior (superioris), latin a little correction: part of the body what is above the middle (mid-plane). Otherwisw superior could also be meant as... higher

What happens to the wind direction as a warm front passes?

It tends to "veer", which means the direction (whence the wind comes) rotates clockwise.

What direction does the east wind blow?

East wind means a wind from the east, hence it blows towards the west.

The direction of the electric field tells you what?

The polarity of the charge that made it. + or -. (+ means the field will be emitted outwards from the charge, while - means it will point inwards towards it.)

What is the medical term meaning before or in front of the heart?

precardiac means anterior to the heart (anterior meaning more towards the front of the body)

What does Sagittal mean in Medical terminology?

Sagittal means in the direction from dorsal to ventral (from back to front).

What is the definition of prefix fore?

it means before, front, superior etc. what means is that it comes before something- thats right peeps!the prefix fore- generally means "before" or "ahead of".

What is the opposite medical term of posterior?

The opposite medical term for posterior is anterior. In medical terminology, anterior means "towards the front side of the body" and posterior means "towards the back side of the body".

Where is the front air fan on a Kia Sedona?

The front air fan is located towards the front of the motor. If the green light is not coming on, it means the air conditioning compressor is not working correctly.

What does toward the midline mean?

Toward the midline means in the direction of the middle of the body. "Medial" means located closer to the midline, and adduction is movement of the limbs towards the midline.

What does a usually red and blue line with triangles stand for on a weather map?

They stand for an approaching storm front. If I remember correctly, a red line means a warm front and a blue line means a cold front. The triangles show which direction the front is moving. Hope that helps.

What is superolateral?

Superior=above, lateral=towards the side/further from the midline. So superolateral means above and further form the midline, for example the eye is superolateral to the nose