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you burn fat, make muscle... makes your but cheeks firmer!

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โˆ™ 2005-11-20 17:41:21
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Q: Does doing squats and kickbacks make your butt smaller or bigger?
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Can drinking a lot of milk make your butt bigger?

Kind of but doing squats can make it bigger

Is there anything a doctor can do besides surgery to help you get a bigger butt when you already do exercises like squats?

Doing squats helps alot.

Do sguats make your but bigger?

Yes doing squats will make the rear end bigger. There are also other exercises that will make the rear end bigger such as hip thrusts and glute bridges.

If you don't feel pain in your butt after squatting but you feel it in your thighs does it mean you are not doing the squats right if you want your butt to grow bigger?

Squats are as much of a hamstring and quad excersize as the would be for the butt. try lunges instead of squats. you may find they work your desired area more effectively.

What does ego mode mean on raze?

It means you will get a bigger head if you are doing good and smaller if doing bad

What makes your butt bigger?

corn bread girll (:Eating more fat. If you mean more MUSCULAR, than doing squats and lunges.

How can you make you bum bigger?

when doing squats, go all the way down, don't stop at 90 degrees. it may take a while, but it works!

Im skinny and you want bigger thighs and butt fast?

Just eat a lot of protein and start doing lunges and squats to build muscle in your body

Do you put the bigger number in front or the smaller number in front when your doing prime factorization?

Smaller. It should run least to greatest.

How do you get stronger at squats?

Continue doing them it will pay off.

Can a moon be bigger than the planet it orbits?

No. The moon is always the smaller body in such a system. The smaller object will always be the one doing the orbiting.

How big can you butt grow?

It depends, everyone is different so once you finish growing that is your butt. If you want a bigger butt, I suggest doing full body squats with weights.

How many times a day should you do squats to make your body bigger?

Doing squats too frequently results in over-training, which stresses your immune system and will make you smaller, weaker, and sicker. Squats may be the most productive single exercise, but that also means they are the most difficult to recover from. Remember: you don't grow in the gym. What you do in the gym is to tear down muscle, which stimulates muscular growth during rest and recovery. So good nutrition and sufficient rest are as important as training intensely. Here's the rule to use: you will feel DOMS (delayed onset muscular soreness) a day or two after doing squats properly. Wait 24 or 48 hours after all DOMS has disappeared before doing squats again. That will ensure that you do not over-train. In practice, it means that you should not squat more than once about every 4 days. .

How many calories do you lose doing air squats?

Doing squats burns calories at a rate of about 100 per 10 repetitions. This figure varies depending on how much you weigh.

How many calories are burned doing jumping squats?


How much time does it take to get curves by doing squats?

There is no specific time for getting curves by doing squats. it depends on your metabolism, your body composition, and a lot of other variables. my suggest is that if you want curves, abs, or any other part of your body improves, that you do more than squats.

How many calories burned doing ten squats?

Not very many

How do you strengthen quadriceps?

By doing leg extensions,squats,and leg presses

Can you lose weight doing squats?

yes and you can also burn fat

What exercises help football players?

doing squats and kissing dogs

How many squats do you have to do to get a big and round butt?

It's false that doing squats will necessarily increase the size of your butt. It's not just a matter of the kind of squats you do, your training frequency, your sets & reps, and the amount of weight you use, it's also a matter of genetics.Most people will not get a big butt from doing squats.

Can you do squats without weights to make your butt bigger or are weights necessary?

You can do single leg squats by placing one leg back on a chair or weight bench and squat down with one leg. It works just as well as doing both legs with some weight. Good balance is needed, so be careful.

How can you make your booty bigger?

Do squats. I'm 15yrs old so hopefully this will relate to u. Idk if ur 30 or wutever but in my prespective,squats help a lot. I do about 60 each night bekuz I'm skinney. I'm 15 and weight 98 pounds,that's only because I have fast matablism,eating a lot but gain slowly. So yes I'm very skinney && I'm trying to get bigger but from the articles and comments that I have read, all of them said do squats. And the results won't come quickly and noticeably but keeping doing them everyday and ull start to see its getting bigger.

Ok can I see a tiny difference in my butt it a day and a 1 2 from non stop squats and lunges?

Doing non stop squats will only do one thing, cause you to be in so much pain that you won't be able to exercise for the rest of the week. You will not see a difference in your butt from doing non stop squats for a day.

How can you get bigger butt and thighs?

Hi, To get a bigger but and thighs it depends on your genes as you may be small boned, but eating a high protein and carb diet, with plenty of nutritious smoothies packed with protein powder, along side daily repetitive squats, lunges and various other exercises you will have a big butt and thighs in no time! Mind you, if you focus on your but by doing weighted squats it is likely your thighs will bulk up anyway :)