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There is no scientific reason for soy milk to stunt your growth.

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Q: Does drinking soy milk stunt growth?
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Related questions

Are there any benefits for drinking soy milk instead of 2 percent milk?

more protein in soy

What can stunt your growth?

Fermented soy products like soy sauce have been proven to eliminate a large amount of your body's natural growth hormone.

Does drinking soy milk help in weight loss?

Yes. If the soy milk you are drinking is plain or original. Also, it helps lower cholesterol very effectively.

What will soy milk do to a male?

Drinking Soy milk would have no adverse effects on a male, unless he was alergic to it. While rare allergies can happen to soy.

Will drinking soy milk enlarge your breasts?

No drinking of soya milk will not help your breasts grow a single bit.

Does soy give you acne?

I just started drinking soy milk and my skin is fine.

Can I grow taller by drinking plenty of soy milk per day?

Drinking plenty of soy milk everyday will not make you taller. Your height will e determined by the genes you inherit from your parents.

Is soy milk milk?

no because soy milk is now called soy beverage. soy beverage is made out of the soy plant, so it is not milk because milk is from cows.

Does muscle milk make your breasts grow?

No, there is no direct link to soy in muscle milk causing breast growth in lifters.

Is soy milk bad for ms patients?

While some maintain that soy milk is "too concentrated a protein," most experts agree that soy milk provides all the benefits of real milk (and more), without actually drinking real milk. Additionally, soy provides things like omega-3 fatty acids, which are very useful to MS patients in maintaining brain function. Most experts do agree that cow's milk is far worse for MS patients (and the population in the whole) than soy milk.

When I drink milk I get headaches I can have ice cream and I'm fine but milk leaves my head pounding any ideas I miss drinking milk?

Soy milk is a good substitute for milk however it does not contain any dairy products. Although soy products are a good replacement for milk, drinking a big glass of soy milk can be yucky if you are used to cow's milk. Switch to the organic milk brands. It may be an additive that is giving you the headaches. (try horizon's organic singles in chocolate! yum!) Is it just cold milk that causes the headache or any temp. milk ?

Can you substitute milk for soy milk when baking?

Soy milk can be used instead of milk when baking, but one has to make some adjustments. Regular milk has natural salt; not plain soy milk : minor adjustments may be needed. Then, there are flavored soy milk (e.g. vanilla soy milk).

How is soy milk made and does it come from a soybean?

Yes, soy milk come from a soy bean. To get soy milk they simply, just like they would a cow, milk the soybean.

Is soy milk good for you?

yes because soy milk comes from the nutrients of plants and the earth. I will prefer to stop drinking cow milk because it comes from an animal not all animals are unhealthy but cow milk will give you more fat even though they say its reducing fat they are lying.

Does soy milk help your breasts grow?

AnswerWhile soy milk, like all soy products, contains phytoestrogens, which are weak estrogen-like compounds, there hasn't been evidence to suggest that modest to high consumption of soy products encourages breast growth. It's possible that consumption of highly concentrated phytoestrogens might cause breast growth just as estrogen-containing birth control pills do, but normal soy consumption would not. If it did, imagine how vegetarian males would look! You'd need warning labels and everything on the milk if it actually promoted breast growth.

Is nutritional yeast good for curdling soy milk?

Right now, I'm drinking soy milk with a tablespoon of nutritional yeast mixed in. Besides the yeast sort of separating and clumping, there doesn't seem to be any curdling, and it's delicious to boot.

What does soy milk do for you?

Soy milk is actually good for your body and also for those who want breast growth because I so far tried it for only 2days I can see them get harder so that means it's starting to work :)

Why is soy milk a milk?

Some people drink soy milk because they are allergic to the milk that is dairy.

Where can one find information about soy milk?

Information about soy milk can be found on the official website for Silk soy milk. You can also find out a lot of helpful information about soy milk from a nutritionist or your family doctor.

How much sodium is in 8 oz of milk?

That depends on whether you are drinking whole milk or lower fat milk. In general, an 8-oz glass of milk has between 100-120 mg of sodium. (And soy milk has about 130 mg of sodium.)

What are the comparisons between soy milk and cow's milk?

soy milk is made from soy beans which is esp.good for women while cow's milk is a kind of animal product.

Does cow's milk cook the same as soy milk in baking?

Cow's milk condenses better than soy milk. It keeps the baked recipe more moist than soy milk through the dehydration process. The soy milk has an oily effect as it cooks.

How long does it take for soy milk to activate?

Soy milk does not 'activate'.

Does soy milk have potassium?

Soy milk contains 118 mg of potassium per 100 g of soy milk (3% in dry weight).

What are the benefits of organic milk?

Organic cow's milk is free of growth hormones and antibiotics that may be used on cows that produce inorganic milk. Organic soy milk is free of GMOs. So, organic milk may be healthier.