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ABSOLUTELY NOT! The only way to confirm a sexually transmitted infection is by medical test of blood or urine.

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Does ear wax put on a womans vagina determin an STD if it burns herbr?

Yes, you are absolutely correct.

Can urinating in a womans vagina cause a STD?

Urinating in a woman's vagina won't cause a STD, but it likely will cause an infection.

What Are the Percentage chances of getting a STD from licking a womans vagina?


What causes a white thick discharge from the vagina which burns?

Sounds like a infection or a STD. See your doctor.

If you put ear wax on your finger and put it in a females vagina if it burns her does that mean she has a std?

true! Yes! it is true If you put ear wax on your finger and insert it inside of a females vagina and if it burns her then yes she has a type of STD, but if does burn and you have her records I don't know what to you tell but DON'T DO IT man she got a monster vagina even if you do use a condom don't do it!!

Does it hurt a mans dick after they the womans vagina?

they shouldn't, if that's a problem you might want to consult you doctor on that,it could be a STD. Have a Nice Day, -J.W.

Do you have a std if your vagina is itchy?

It could be a yeast infection or a STD.

If a boy touches a girls vagina will he get a std?

no and besides what is std??

What does is mean if yr vagina itches and burns and discharges yellow fluid and it burns while you pee and yr urine is a cloudy yellow?

It means you have some form of an std like a yeast infection

Can you get an std if you put your finger in your vagina?

Yes, if you just got done putting your finger in a different vagina that has an STD.

What does it mean when after sex your vagina is sore and itchys and burns and when you go pee it burns and dark brown stuff comes out?

It most likely means you have an STD, you might want to go to the doctors, to get that looked at more closely.

Could bloody mucus from the vagina be std related?

Yes it certainly can be from a STD.

If a dog licked your vagina could you get an std?

Highly unlikely. You might get an infection, but that is not an STD.

Can a std make you bleed from the vagina like a period?

Can a STD make a woman blood

Is your body's pH level different when you have an STD?

The pH level of the vagina will increase with a STD.

Can a guy get a std from touching a girls vagina?

No .

Can you get an STD from semen near your vagina?


Can you get sick from touching a vagina?

You can if the vagina in question has an STD ( Sexually Transmitted Disease ) or if your gay. :)

Causes of bumps on the vagina that spread and enlarge?


Is white flaky stuff on my vagina an STD?


Can you get an STD from sharing soap?

No,UNL3SS the other person has HERPES,STD,or a vagina infection if it girls of cours.

Is a vagina infected if it smells like copper?

it means you have an std

Your wife has an odor from her vagina and the mucus is a little thicker and yellow could this be a STD?

Yes it can be a STD. You and your wife need to be tested.

What do you have when you have bumps on the inside of your vagina lips and you itch and you have white discharge?


Can a woman get std from a mans saliva in her vagina?

yes, that is why they make mouth shields to protect your vagina from someones mouth nasties.