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Not everyone has the superhuman abilities. Not everyone is talented in the same way.

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Q: Does everybody have superhuman abilities?
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How many people claim to have superhuman abilities?

only people with severe mental disorders have claimed to have " superhuman abilities " this is physically impossible.

What are Apollo's superhuman abilities?

smoke weed

What superhuman abilities does Jason have?

super strength

What is hades superhuman abilities?

Hades is a God: this is beyond the power of the superhuman, for they are still human - and mortal.

What are batmans abilities?

Batman has no superhuman abilities, but he is a world-class athlete and gymnast and a genius detective.

What are Hera's superhuman abilities?

Immortality and making people go insane.

What objects give the Rangers superhuman abilities in Dino Thunder?

dino gems

Do mermaids have superhuman strength?

Since mermaids are ficitious creatures they can have whatever abilities the person writing about them wants them to have. In most stories, though, they do not have superhuman strength.

What does 'a Titanic effort' mean?

The titans were Greek giants with superhuman strength. A titanic effort is one that is superhuman, either using physical abilities or mental abilities. He made a titanic effort on the project, and he deserves all the credit.

Can you be born with superhuman abilities?

yes but it is very rare but its not powers like flying or shooting lasers out of your eyes Google Stan lee's superhumans its a show about humans with super abilities

What are vampire characteristics?

They are basicaly just humans with fangs, superhuman abilities, paler than usual, and can only come out at night.

When did Superman get his powers?

According to Superman mythology Superman naturally has the ability of his superhuman abilities such as super speed, super strength and his related eye vision powers such as X-Ray and heat vision however he needs to have the rays of the Earth's sun to charge his body up since it is the rays that the Earth's sun that allows him to use his superhuman abilities.

Who were the titains?

in greek myth, the titans were a race that came from gods having children with human women. Most of them had superhuman abilities e.g hercules.

Does Race to Witch Mountain have witchcraft in it?

No, except that the superhuman abilities of the kids may appear "magical" (although the movoe is technically science fiction).

What are Superman's powers?

Superhuman StrengthInvulnerabilityFlightSuperhuman SpeedX-Ray VisionHeat VisionSuperhuman BreathSuperhuman HearingSuperhuman VisionSuperhuman OlfactionIdidetic MemoryIntelligenceMaster Combatant

What are the superhuman qualities talents or abilities Achilles have?

I don't think he had any because he was mortal. He was just a war hero. People always think he was a god, but he wasn't.

How does Sherlock Holmes conform to the generic conventions of a superhero?

He doesn't. Sherlock Holmes has no superhuman abilities.Holmes used science to solve his crimes, modern day forensics. In a Victorian age, this would have been seen as a superhuman capability to solve crimes throw blood matching, chemistry and fingerprints. He did not have superhuman powers but had capabilities that did not conform to Victorian conventions of the police detectives of the time.

What are superwomen powers?

powers:invulnerabilitysuperhuman strengthsuperhuman speedsuperhuman breathsuperhuman hearingsuperhuman visionsuperhuman olfactionheat visionxray visionflightweaknesses:kryptonight(the same as superman u dumb bumbs lol XP)

Is the 39 clues a fantosy book or not?

The 39 Clues is a mystery book, but it does have a small degree of fantasy. The formula they are building is supposed to enhance a person's abilities to a superhuman degree.

Name of movie about a team of men and women with superhuman abilities Their fantastic powers lead people to be hostile to them but they choose to exist in harmony with the human race and to help?

The X-men

What powers does Spider-Man have?

Spider-Man has several unique abilities which include wall crawling, enhanced stamina and strength, superhuman reflexes and agility, and spider-sense.

What superhuman powers or talents or abilities did Doris the Greek goddess have?

Doris was mother to the fifty Nereids, including Thetis and Amphitrite, Poseidon's wife. It seems Doris was not a powerful goddess.

How can you use the word superhuman in a sentence?

a superhuman is a human that can do superpowers

Who would win Superman or Ironman?

At first, most people would say Superman. But Iron Man would win if you actually think about it harder. First, lets compare them. Superman Powers and abilities: Superhuman flight, Superhuman speed, Superhuman strength, Superhuman hearing, X-Ray vision, icy breath Intelligence: Smart Iron Man Powers and abilities: Super strength, flight, super speed, weapons of mass destruction Intelligence: Genius Superman isn't completely invincible, so Iron Man can shoot many lasers, bombs, and missiles at him. He can also outsmart Superman. Iron Man can also design a suit of kryptonite.....and Superman is dead.

What were Hades superhuman qualities?

Being a God its self is a superhuman quality.