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well hes not a face nor a heel. he gets cheers and boos all at once.

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Who won between John Cena and The Rock at WrestleMania 27?

The Rock won! Though John Cena was very close to beating him. Everyone does not like John Cena anymore.

What did john cena do to get people to boo him?

I think when everyone started to boo cena is when the rock came or when everyone started liking cm punk.

Does John cena like batista?

yes john cena does like batista

Does WWE maria like john cena?

Yes Maria does like John Cena

Does John Cena like wretling?

does john Felix Anthony cena like wrestling

What about Cena?

Cena is a wrestler from the WWE. Good wrestler but not so like by men. Mostly kids and women like John Cena more

Who has john cena beat?

anyone.He beat almost everyone in raw

Mickey James like John cena?

mickey james might like john cena but john cena thinks mickey james is a bitch

Why you like John Cena?

John Cena is the best wrestler ever!

Who do you like more Kane or john cena?

i like John Cena better but Kane is kul xxxx

Does John Cena like eve?

I think before John cena like eve but now i think no!

List of people john cena career wins?

everyone so far

Do John cena have a crush on somebody?

did john cena have sex with somebody and way did john cena do that to his wife like that that is so sad that john cena do that to her wow

Does john Cena like Liz family?

John Cena is single now

Does maryse quellet like John Cena?

yes john cena loves maryse and maryse loves john cena

Do cena and zafrina bow to the vampire like renesme?

Yes, Cena and Zafrina do bow to the vampire like Renesme.

Who is hotter cena or Dwayne 'the rock' Johnson?

Everyone will have a different opinion :)

Does John Cena drink and smoke?

No he does not smoke...but everyone has those parties when its drinking time :)

Why doesn't John Cena like his mom?

Cena loves his mother very much!

Does John Cena like Melina?

No, John Cena is currently dating Nikki Bella.

What does John Cena and Maria's baby look like?

John Cena and Maria DO NOT have a child.

Does Jeff hardy like john cena?

no you sick sick person nobody would ever like john cena

Does Layla like John Cena?

Layla may or may not like John Cena. The only way to find out is to ask her.

Did john cena when wrestlemania last night?

Jhon cena beat i would like to saw the new wwe chamiping is jhon cena

Why do you like cena?

he is cute, YEAA