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No. While every graduate receives a Bachelors of Science degree, they can be in a wide variety of majors from engineering and mathematics to chemistry and Biology, and even English, History, and Management. Minors are available in a variety of foreign languages.

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Q: Does everyone that graduates from Air Force Academy have an engineering degree?
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Are all navy pilots graduates of Annapolis?

No - there are a lot more Navy aircraft than there are Academy graduates. Though Annapolis graduates tend to get better assignments, any college graduate with the proper degree (typically aeronautical engineering) can be a Naval Aviator.

What does Graduated the us naval academy with a BS mean?

That is the status of all graduates of the Naval Academy. They graduated with the Bachelor of Science degree. All graduates receive a Bachelor of Science Degree.

Is inifd approved by ugc degree?

yes INIFD and Dimentional Academy of Engineering are UGC approved. Comparatively Dimentional Academy (Chembur is Economical)

When did the US Naval Academy open in Annapolis MD?

The Naval Academy was organized in 1845 by Secretary of the Navy George Bancroft. It was first known as the Naval School but that was changed to the current Naval Academy. In 1930 the curriculum was accredited by The Association of American Universities. In 1933, an act of Congress enabled the graduates to receive a Bachelor of Science degree. In 1937 Congress enacted legislation to award the Bachelor of Science degree to all living graduates.

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Where can one take engineering courses for a degree?

Can I have the name to some online Colleges that have Engineering. I would advise you to check out ITT Tech or Devry. They specialize in these fields and have a high percentage of graduates getting great jobs.

What is the average yearly salary for college graduates by conference?

Well with my degree in computer engineering im bringing down an awesome 13,000 a year working at a bank.

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Some schools that have a lot of students graduate with engineering degrees are too many to name bu here are a few of the better ones. My favorite is MIT,UCLA at Berkley and Devry.

How long does it take to get your engineering degree?

Engineering Degree

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as such there is no much difference in Be or B.Tech one stand for engineering and one for technologybefore 2003 all colleges used to give B.E degree to their engineering graduates but after that almost every college used to give B.Tech degree,qualification wise there is not such difference means no one is better that other here is good link for you which will help you in getting information about other engineering exam and colleges

What kind of degree does a aeronautical engineering get?

A degree in aerospace engineering.

Electrical engineering or software engineering is better?

It totally depends on which the candidate is interested in whether electrical or software engineering is better.