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If one is relying on fashion alone then no! More people should forget the designer labels and start working on their inner selves and strengthening their character. I personally find men that dress neat (not necessarily in designer clothes) more appealing and like the more rugged look. I must admit when going out somewhere nice I like the man to wear something appropriate, but it doesn't have to be a $3,000 suit to impress me.

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If a man acts feminine sometimes it's a huge Gaga fan loves fashion and make-up is he gay?

If a man acts feminine, is a huge Gaga fan, and loves fashion and make-up, it does not necessarily mean he's gay.

Make a word with these letters shionaf?

fashion fashion

Who are two french famous fashion designers?

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In a fashion club you canDesign clouthesMake clouthesDancing/singingCompaction'sfashion showstell jokeshair stylesMake a secret fashion code

How much money do fashion models make?

A Fashion Model can make a salary range from $17,000 to $117,000.

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Tight Clothes

How much do fashion interns make a month?

Fashion interns work for free, that's why they are called slaves to fashion.

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fashion? take away the gucci to make it a decimal!

Teenagers are fashion setters or slaves to fashion?

both, we do make our own fashion but we also wear old fashions too

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it is the high make up

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No, it is a noun. When used with other nouns, it is technically a noun adjunct (e.g. fashion trends, fashion magazine, fashion show, fashion designer). It can also be a verb (to make, build).

What is a gallant?

a man who pays special attention to women. • a dashing man of fashion; a fine gentleman.

What is a man called who is fashion conscious?

I believe the common name for a straight but feminine man is Metrosexual

What Is Fashion Like These Days In New Zealand?

Fluro! man!

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You can collect fashion magazines and make scrapbooks with them, or design clothes in a journal.

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Dude don't follow fashion, make it follow you.

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make stuff

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There are a number of things that fur is used to make. This is mainly used in the fashion industry to make scarves, coats and other fashion accessories.

Should there be bane on fashion show?

fashion is importent one thing because every man&women to improve our styl in our life

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Math and fashion design relate because in fashion design you make measure ments and that relates to math.

What was the fashion of 1776?

Fashion of 1776 was dark long dresses with alot os make-up