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Does father of married minor have to pay child support?

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No, when married the minor becomes emancipated.

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That would not exempt the minor child's father from paying support.

As long as his child is a minor then yes, he will have to pay back child support. Take him to court! Remarried or not if the courts deemed him to pay child support he must do so (married or not) until that child is no longer a minor.

Absolutely. Child support is designed for the benefit of the child.

No, once a minor get married they are emancipated.

Child support payments are usually awarded as part of a Divorce Decree in a court of law. If the minor "father" and the girl were never married, then he is morally responsible for providing proper support for the child. There is a price to pay for making whoopee ... the kids never think of that when romping in the sheets.

The mother. The father have to prove paternity in court and petition for custody, visitation and can then also pay child support.

No. The minor has the same needs as before which the parents have to pay for. The minor and the father of her child will have to pay for their own child.

Child support for the grandchild is the responsibility of the grandchilds father, not the grandchild. If the father is a minor, you can take his parents to court for support.

Maybe, but it is more likely that the person will have his wages garnished or bank account levied until the arrearages are paid. The issue of whether or not the father was married to the mother of the minor child is not relevant when it relates to child support obligations.

The mother until the father has gone to court to gain his parental rights and can petition for custody and pay child support.

The mother. The father have to apply in court for visitation or custody after paternity have been established. Then he can also pay child support.

No, an obligated parent is only responsible for the support of his or her own biological or adopted child. The father of a pregnant minor is not financially responsible for her unborn child. However, the father of the unborn child is responsible for its support, even if he is a minor. The individual circumstances and the laws of the state will determine the extent of his obligations.

Child support and visitation are two separate issues. The child is a minor and is not allowed to decide. Any changes to the court order has to be done at the court that issued it.

Parents of minor children are legally required to support said child/children regardless of the circumstances surrounding the matter. The biological father of the child in question must be financially responsible for his child according to the laws and ruling of the court of the state in which the child is a resident.

If the minor father has no means of paying child support, then yes his parents could be responsible for that. Answer2: Sadly the parents could be on the hook especially if the minor child lives with them and has no way to support a baby. Best thing you can do is try to meet with the other grandparents and see what can be done as well as make a visit to Social Services to see what benefits the child may be eligible for.

No. You have remember that "support" is what the (usually) father pays the mother for the upkeep of the child. If the child moves out, the mother is no longer supporting the child and the father no longer needs to pay her.

No. Marriage constitutes the emancipation of a minor and child support obligations cease.

If you're in the US... Pregnancy/giving birth does not emancipate a minor, so yes, you are still responsible for child support (but only for her, not for her child of course--the responsibility for child support for her child belongs to that child's father).

The mother. The father have to petition the court for visitation and custody after paternity has been established with a DNA test. Then he can also pay child support.

Just because you're a minor doesn't mean you don't have to pay child support! You have to be responsible for the life you helped to create. Next time, remember to buy condoms.

In general, the courts will not initiate support for a 23-year-old child (past-due support, owed from when the child was a minor, is another matter), unless the child is severely handicapped.

No. Only biological parents or persons who have legally adopted a minor child are responsible for their financial support. However, if the grandparents's child is a minor and a father, they can be court ordered to pay child support in his name until he is old enough to get a job and pay himself.

If a minor becomes a minor-parent, they are liable for child support to their child. Check your state laws.

The parents of the child, regardless of their ages. And regardless of whether the mother is an adult. see links below