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Does female dog urine kill grass worse than males?

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May 23, 2009 4:49PM

No. The reason dog urine kills grass is because of the high amount of nitrogen found in dog urine. In a lawn where no fertilizer has been applied, dog urine will iincrease plant growth and green-up the grass. The problem sometimes comes when your lawn has high nitrogen levels from fertilizer and the dog urinates. This would be an "overdose" of nitrogen and cause the turf to burn. It's a common misconception that "acid" in dog urine kills grass. The truth is that dog urine can have a pH of 6.0-8.0(slightly acidic to slightly alkaline) which is no where near acidic enough to kill grass. True Dog urine spots will many times be brown in the middle and growing vigorously around the brown spot. You can now buy a product called Dog Rocks which you put in the dog's water bowl. After a couple of weeks you should notice an improvement in the colour of your lawn. The rocks alter the pH level of the urine to prevent the 'burn'.