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If it is burning carbon or something that contains carbon, yes.

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Carbon dioxide is used for putting out fire-give reason?

2 reasons why carbon dioxide is used in putting fire off

Do humans give off carbon dioxide?

Yes, We give off Carbon Dioxide because we breath in oxygen and breath out Carbon Dioxide

Does nuclear energy give off carbon dioxide?

No, Nuclear energy doesnot give off Carbon dioxide.

How do monkeys give off carbon dioxide?

Monkeys give off carbon dioxide when they exhale - the same as humans do!

Why do fire extinguishers have carbon dioxide when fire is made out of carbon dioxide?

Fire is not made out of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a product of fire. Fire is a chemical reaction between oxygen and some flammable substance. Since most flammable materials contain carbon, most fires will produce carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is completely non-flammable and can cut a fire off from its supply of oxygen.

What is the carbon cycle and why is it called a cycle?

The carbon cycle is the cycle in which carbon moves around...well, here's a "simple" description: Humans take in oxygen and change it to carbon dioxide. Burning things and the fire itself, also releases carbon dioxide. It's not just humans; it's also animals like dogs and cats that take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. We do it with every breath. So, how come we don't run out of oxygen and have carbon dioxide in its place? Well, plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Go basically: Animals breathe out carbon dioxide, burning things give off carbon dioxide, and plants take in carbon dioxide and give off the oxygen that we use and change to carbon dioxide. It is a cycle because it keeps happening and happening and the carbon dioxide "goes around in a circle."

Do metals burn to give carbon dioxide?

No. Metals do not contain carbon, so they cannot give off carbon dioxide.

What is it that Plants and animals take in and then give off?

Plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen Animals take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide

Why is carbon dioxide sometimes found in buildings?

When it is on fire, the fire lets off carbon dioxode

Do candles give off carbon monoxide?

No they give out C02 which is carbon dioxide

What reacts with acids to give off carbon dioxide?

Acids React With Carbonates & Bicarbonates to give out Carbon dioxide

What is the chemical formula for CO2?

Carbon dioxide! We give off carbon dioxide, plants give off oxygen. Its one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms.

What does carbon and fossil fuels give off?

carbon dioxide

How do plants and animals use carbon dioxide and oxygen in different ways?

Plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen while animals take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide

Do animal cells use carbon dioxide?

No. Animal cells use Oxygen and give off carbon dioxide as a waste product. Plant cells use carbon dioxide and give off oxygen.

What does a car give off?

carbon dioxide

What do animals give off?

Carbon dioxide

Do muscles give off carbon dioxide?


In total darkness does a plant give off carbon dioxide?

A plant does give off Carbon Dioxide at night when there is not enough light for photosynthesis to occur.

What is a substance that emits carbon dioxide?

animal decaying would give off carbon dioxide

How do animals give off carbon dioxide?

Respiration. They take in Oxygen and respire Carbon Dioxide.

How much carbon dioxide does a tree give off at night?

None... trees take IN carbon dioxide, and give out oxygen.

What gases do plants take in and give off?

They take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. So we breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. We help eachother. They need carbon dioxide, we need oxygen.

How do plants give off carbon dioxide?

Plants don't give off carbon dioxide, the breathe it in. They release oxygen. by the process of breaking down carbon dioxide CO2 and water into oxygen O2 and carbohydrates.

What type of gas is given off fire?

carbon dioxide