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No, most likely not. Although it is a very good story to tell to grandchildren. If you are thinking about your first love, and you find them, most likely they've changed from what you knew when you where young.

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Does Percy love Annabeth?

In the first book, it was more he was interested in her. Throughout the various series, he did eventually fall in love with her.

Will a person ever get over their first love?

Yes. There is a lot of life between the first love that is puppy love and true adult love.

Why would people vandalise?

Because they have no life and want to spread their opinion/artwork and love throughout the world.

Who do you give your 16 candles to for your sweet 16?

16 people who have been there for you throughout your life and that you love and appreciate.

What is the book living up the street by Gary soto about?

Living up the Street is book written in the first person narrative about a boy living in Fresno, CA. Gary tells of childhood memories and how they impacted his life. about a boy who lives in the barrio of los angels and gose through difficulty throughout his life and wants to fall out of love about a boy who lives in the barrio of los angels and gose through difficulty throughout his life and wants to fall out of love

Can I make the man I married get over the love of his life though he loved me first?

Doubt it if he has founded the love of his life there not much you can do

What was Hitler's love life like?

The first girl Hitler was in love with was Stephanie Janston

Was Michelangelo's first love oil painting?

No it was not. Throughout his painting of the Sistine chapel he insisted he was a sculptor, not a painter.

How does Tris change throughout Divergent?

She becomes physically and spiritually stronger. She falls in love for the first time

How long allercet d stays in your system?

It stays in my system helping me from 7 to 12 days! I love it!

Can a crush turn into love?


How do you handle love at the first sight when it is the first love in your life?

Well, if this love in your life is at school or something, then you should try to get his/her attention and try to talk to him/her. But if he is the love in your life and he is taken, i don't know if you would be willing to wait or the best is to just move on. If this love in your life was some one who you saw at the store or at a concert or something and you don't know that person, then of course it would be best to forget about him/her.

What to do if you love someone who stays with someone else?

Nothing. Do not chase people. Be you & do your own thing & work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, & stay.

Love someone what to do?

well, tell them....that's the safest thing to do.... or you could go throughout your whole life wondering what it could have been

What are some songs that have the word 'first' in the title?

"First" By: Lindsay Lohan "First Date" By: Blink 182"First Day of My Life" By: Bright Eyes"First Life" By: 2kiva"First Love" By: The Maccabees"First Love" By: 2kiva"First Time" By: Lifehouse"First Time" By: Lil Corey

Why people love their heart so much?

Well, first of all, the heart is what keeps you alive. And 2nd..... People love their heart so much, because, they can keep everything in their, and know it stays their.

In the story Scrooge lost the true love of his life because of his greed and love for money What was the first name of his true love?


What was Euclid's first love?

Nothing is known of Euclid's personal life.

Importance of love between brothers and sisters?

Love between brothers and sisters ensures that they are supportive to one another. It also ensures they are able to protect each other throughout life.

What nail polish stays on the longest?

love my nails is the best

In Ps I love you what Irish song is playing when the girls first get to Ireland It is played here and there throughout the whole movie It is just music?

Love You 'Till The End - The Pogues

Name song with the first line lyrics you are the love of my life?

I know of two. First one is a country song called "Love of My Life" by Sammy Kershaw and the second is "You Are the Love of My Life" by George Benson. Link to lyrics by Sammy Kershaw Link to lyrics by George Benson

I fell in love with a guy in my dreams and I have seen him briefly before in real life is this love at first sight?

No. Sorry to say but that's not love at first sight. You haven't even really seen this guy in real life so it wouldn't be love at first sight. Well, if you count those few days you saw him, I still wouldn't say so. You saw him in your dreams first. Not in real life.well he could be the one your looking for in your life( some people have dreams that show what will happen in the furture) but that rarely happens

Why is it that first love your last love..?

you can have as many boyfriends/girlfriends......but u can love only that person who is really special to you...... and that's your first love....and then u love dat person with whole dedication...and whole your life......and then you realize that you can never love anyone after that........!!<3

What does have a love in life mean?

A love in life means that you love life so much.

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