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Without friction, you would have no traction with your tires. Nothing to get you moving. Nothing to stop you, and nothing to allow you to turn corners.

And your brakes wouldn't be very effective without friction.

Friction, however, does also have its costs. It takes energy to overcome friction in the engine and drivetrain. Bearings have friction. Pistons and piston rings have friction in the cylinders.

Air friction also opposes the movement of the vehicles.

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What is the effect of friction force on plant?

what is the effect of friction force on plant

How does friction help?

If there was no friction the vehicles would never stop, we couldn't write on the board as friction makes chalk writing visible. Without friction no building could be constructed, the vehicles on the road would never move. Friction helps a lot in many ways and is a necessary in our life.

How does friction effect speed?

Friction will reduce an object's speed.

What effect does friction have on steel?

it rubs the steel because its friction!

What is the effect of friction on motion?

The effect of friction on motion will be an opposition to the motion. If friction is zero then the very movement vanishes. That is, a wheel cannot roll on the floor.

What will be the effect on friction when contact points are reduced?

No effect

What is the effect of Friction?

Resistance !

Do friction have same effect?


What effect does friction have on the speed of an object?

more friction = less speed

How does friction effect effiecency?

If there is more friction with a machine, efficiency is less.

How does friction effect skating?

The more friction there is, the less you slide. Less friction means more slippery.

Why is it not advisable to reduce friction?

If friction is zero no one would be able to walk along a street and no vehicles or cars can be driven.

What is the relationship between surface area and friction?

Surface Area has no effect on Friction.

What is the effect of decreasing the block in contact with the table on kinetic friction?

less friction

How does friction always effect the motion of objects?

Friction inhibits the motion of objects.

What are found on tires of vehicles to increase friction?

Cuts, curves and gaps.

Does weight have an effect on friction?


Does gravity have an effect on friction?


What is the effect of surface texture on friction?

The rougher the texture, there will be more friction. On the other hand, if the surface is smooth, there will be lesser friction

What is the effect of force on friction?

The amount of friction depends on the force pushing the surfaces together.

What is the effect of friction on a machine?

Friction makes a machine less efficient by wasting energy.

How is friction good and bad?

Friction is good because it provides traction. Friction is necessary for people to stand, or for vehicles to accelerate or break. Friction can also be used to convert kinetic energy to heat or electrical energy. Friction can be bad because kinetic energy is can be lost to friction.

What is the gripping power between a vehicles tires and a raodway suface?

that would be friction

Does friction increase or decrease when the vehicles are on the road?

increased because the road is rough

Can friction effect the magnetic field?