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Fungi grow into their food source by extending filamentous structures called hypha into the food source. This necessitates their being in close proximity, or on the food source to do this.

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What are threadlike structure found in fungi that grow into the food source?

The hyphea.

What are characteristics of a fungi?

they need a food source (hyterotrophs), warmth, and moist conditions to grow in.

How does the cell structure of a fungus help it obtain food?

Although fungi are heterotrophs, they do not take food into their bodies as you do. Instead, fungi absorb food through hyphae that grow into the food source.

How does the cell structure of a fungus help obtain food?

Although fungi are heterotrophs, they do not take food into their bodies as you do. Instead, fungi absorb food through hyphae that grow into the food source.

When umbrella ants and fungi help each other?

When ants eat the fungi, it allows the fungi to grow again. This means the ant will always have a food source and fungi will have everlasting life.

Why do fungi grow on food?

They get food from food .

What is the symbiosis between umbrella ants and fungi?

it is mutualism because when the ants eat fungi it allows it to grow back. this means the fungi will have everlasting life and the ant will have a food source.

Does fungi need to absorb sugar to make food?

NO because fungi use a source of dead organism as a food source

What kind of fungi grow on food?

the bacteria

What does zygote fungi need to grow?


How is the tree snail adapted to the rainforest?

Tree snails in Hawaii eat mold and fungi that grow on trees as their primary food source.

What does fungi need to grow?

Sac Fungi would need a food source, so they can reproduce by reproducing spores.When they do produce spores the wind carries that spore to make a new fungi. Sac Fungi would also need humidity to survive.

How does fungi grow?

Fungi are organisms which are composed of long threads called mycelia. These invade the food source and 'digest' it. The fungus we see (like mushrooms) are the fruiting bodies formed from the mycelia.

Do fungi obtain food from another source?


How does the fungi make its own food?

Fungi actually don't make their food, they're heterotrophic, or decomposer, even though they have cell walls. You find fungi near their food source.

What distinguishes animal heterotrophy from fungi heterotrophy?

Animals ingest their food while fungi grow into it.

What are four major differences between fungi and plants?

Fungi-Do not use water, nor sunlight to grow. Plants-Uses water and sunlight to grow. Fungi-Do not make their own food. Plants-Make their own food.

How does sac fungi get food?

Absorption of dead and decaying organic matter is the source of nourishment of al fungi.

How do fungi move from one place to another?

Fungi do not move once they have latched onto a food source, but spread through the propagation of spores. Spores are similar to seeds in shape, but are usually designed to be caught by the wind and carried to other destinations. If a spore lands on a possible food source, a new fungus will grow from it.

Why do fungi only grow on rotting vegetation?

Fungi only grows on rotting vegetation because that is the only way that it can receive its food. Fungi is not able to produce food for itself.

What type of Fungi grows on spoiled food?

Molds grow on old spoiled food

What is the fungus called that grows on food?

the general term for the fungi that grow on food is mould.

What type of plants can grow in little or no sunlight?

The mushroom and other forms of fungi require no light source to grow

Does fungi need air food water to survive?

Most fungi do, yes. Some fungi are able to grow and survive without oxygen.

What are three roles fungi play in the world?

fungi are decomposers, they are a food source, and some cause and fight disease

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