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Does geritoL tonic help with conception?

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NO, there are specific pre-natal vitamins you can take but they make you and the baby healthy not help with conception.

Actually, I have heard many stories of people who were unable to conceive using Geritol Tonic and becoming pregnant. I myself used it and it helped me. It has been reported by others as well as myself that it may work because it improves the quality of cervical mucos. Creating a more desirable environment for sperm to live hence increasing the chance of more viable sperm reaching the egg. There is no medical proof I can add here, but go on any fertility website and check the chat rooms and you will see thousands and thousands of women who swear by Geritol Tonic.

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Can llamas have geritol?

Geritol is an alcohol based vitamin tonic with iron and multimineral additives. I dont think Llamas will take, or need this substance. Perhaps there is another meaning for this word

Will Geritol Complete make hair grow?

Geritol I am not sure. But iron and pre-natal vitamins does help hair growth.

What if you take geritol and prenatal vitamins while your tubes is tied and missed your period?

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What are the ingredients in geritol?

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Can geritol help you gain weight?

I was using it to get pregnant but gained. 20 pounds

Do geritol help with pregnancy?

not sure just a rumor but everyone that i know that have done it / the end up pregnant

Does geritol give you energy?

It MAY feel like an energy boost - IF you are fatigued with low-iron anemia or poor vitamin absorption. I'm a vegetarian and was just tested with low iron; after only a couple days taking Geritol tonic I seem to be more awake and alert. However if you have excess iron in your blood (women rarely do), I would avoid it as an energy booster.

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How much tonic water will help leg cramps?

The amount of tonic water needed to help with leg cramps varies. The amount is dependent on the size of the person who needs it.

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What is geritol complete used for?

Geritol is a high potency multivitamin tablet/tonic to aid the system naturally. It enriches the human body and acts as a great source of nti-oxidnt. Many women have taken it hile trying to get pregnant and have had positive results. It does really work for women trying to conceive. It may not be everyone but there is nothing wrong in trying it. It is a strong and rich source of good vitamins.

What is catch tonic?

Catch tonic is a special zero calorie tonic water that was invented by the Indians. It comes in special PET bottles to keeps is freshness. (I learned about it from The Help by Kathryn Stockett)

Geritol and pregnancy?

Geritol helping with getting pregnant is a myth. The official response from the product's manufacturer says: "There is no evidence that Geritol can increase fertility and we don't make that claim. We're not sure how the rumor started, but there's no truth to it."

Does drinking tonic water with quinine help pass drug screening?

i cant ensure this but I've read that tonic water can give positive to cocaine because of the quinine that tonic water posses

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It is certainly better than not mixing it with anything at all. It will certainly help.

Elixirs are not wsed nowadays?

Yes they are. An elixir is a drug dissolved in a solution that contains alcohol, and there are a bunch of them. An example is Geritol Tonic, which contains 12 percent alcohol. Nice work this should definitely clean up some drug related Q's

What is a hair tonic?

Hair tonic is a product that was created to help style hair. Today different products such as mousse and gel are used more often because the tonic was known to make the hair look slightly oily.

What is geritol?

Geritol is a vitamin and mineral supplement produced by the pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline. It was originally manufactured by the J.B. Williams Co. which was founded in 1885 and was bought by Nabisco in the 1970s, who eventually sold it to GlaxoSmithKline. Geritol has traditionally been marketed to the elderly (the name derives from "geriatric").

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In some cases tonic water won't hurt the plant, and may help it grow. However, in some cases, it can kill the plant. Be sure to research your particular plant before you try this.