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Does God love boys more or girls? God loves boys and girls equally.

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2014-12-16 05:09:17
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Q: Does god love girls more or boys?
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Why do girls have it then men?

God made girls more sexual then boys

Why go girls love boys?

Well if girls didn't love boys the only other option is to love girls, and personally i find that gross.. Scientifically speaking, God created girls to love guys, and lets face it, guys are cute and manipulating, they make you like them...

Why do boys and girls fall in love?

Because they think that kissing a guy makes god happy

Why girls are more better than boys?

TO BE HONEST I AM A GIRL MYSELF and truely boys are better than girls but boys just do not uses there brain .girls arn't better than boys .but scense they aren't using there brain that god has gaven them people say girls are better cause firls get more feelings that boys girls actully uses there brains .

5 reasons why boys are better than girls?

boys aren't better than girls we are all equal in God's waybut boys are more handsome we are strongerour fart doesn't smell bad

Why girls are more emotional than boys?

Girls are more emotional than guys because girls are softer inside and God made girls to care more than guys.

From what did god made eve from?

god made eve from 1 of adahms ribs that's why girls have 1 more rib than boys

Why is a boy called a boy and not a girl?

well god made each of us very specially if there was only boys in this world where would thu boys live and if there was only girls in this world the girls girls would get pretty lonely and have no love to look after them and there would be no kids...

How many boys and girls live in earth?

boys and girls are many and you can not count on them because god made Adam and eve and they have some children Cain and abel if Cain and abel got married the will have more children

Why true love is not really a love?

What is the meaning of True? Real isn't it? When we say true love it is a real love . Remember GOD is Love. Love your self, love you family, love your friends, and love your enemy and once you love them, GOD will give you partner that is best than to all the girls/boys you loved :) Answered by: Christian Dayrit

Who are cuter girls or boys?

Oh My God Whats Wrong With You D:

What do girls wear in Australia and what do boys wear?

clothes oh god lol!:)

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