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Engineering, science and math classes have curves, but those can curve you both up and down, so in some classes an 80% can be an A where as in others an A can be curved to a B-.

Generally for humanities and most non quantitative classes, in my experience, there is no grade inflation. On the contrary, a B at my university is the equivalent of an A at most others.


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Absolutely. Most graduate classes don't give anything below a "C" grade. If someone actually receives a "C" in a graduate level class, the instructor is trying to tell you something.

Grade inflation is the increase over time of academic grades, faster than any real increase in standards.

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It can if there is indeed evidence of grade inflation. Today, it is critical for professors to maintain quality standards within the classroom.

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To inflate grades is to change grade rubrics (usually in the context of students' work) to make it seem like someone did better.

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It should be - if you work hard on something, you deserve a grade for it!

It depends which grade he/she is in

In most schools, it is a B.

They both have the same grade levels but with different names

For schools that grade on a scale of 0.0 to 4.0, a GPA of 3.0 is a letter grade of B.

it depends on the school some schools let you get in at an earlier grade im in robotics and im in 5th grade if that helps

Sounds like a joke to me. Grade inflation. I think this equates to a 2.7 in my day.

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