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Grapefruit has no special ability to "make" you, or cause you to, lose weight. Controlling your intake of carbohydrates and calories, however, will help you to lose weight.


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Q: Does grapefruit make you lose weight?
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How many calories does grapefruit juice make you lose?

Grapefruit juice does not "make" you lose calories. .

Can you lose weight with one grapefruit pill before a main meal?


Will grapefruit help you lose weight?

yes ,and and i have lost 12kg's in 1 month on grapefruit diet! as you know,the specific name for 'grapefruit' is fat burner,it can lower your cholesterol level and tryglesseri level too.

How much weight can you lose by just drinking grapefruit juice?

just drinking jizz would be better.

Can red grapefruit juice help you lose weight?

Yes it can if you drink it in place of something less healthy.

What type of grape juice makes you lose weight?

tinned less sugar than normal grapefruit so therfore you loose weight

Does spitting help lose weight?

NO! this will only make you dehydrated it wont make you lose weight.

Is grapefruit good for weight loss?

All fruit contain sugar which is best to avoid when trying to lose weight because it makes you more hungry.

What is a grapefruits weight?

1 kilogram {2.2 lbs} also it does help lose weight. Grapefruit have special acids that help burn calories ~ anonymous

Do pooping pills make you lose weight?

pooping pills do not make you lose weight. Instead they make you lose water weight. so as soon as you drink a liquid you will gain all the weight back.

What fruit do you smell that makes you lose weight?

Some preliminary animal studies seemed to indicate that the scent of grapefruit oil may help to control appetite. However, there is no special fruit smell to "make" you lose weight. If it were so easy, so people would not be overweight.

Why is eating a combination of egg and grapefruit supposed to help you lose weight?

The egg and a grapefruit have vitimans A,C,D,E, and F.Those vitimans are good for the human body to function right ;}

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