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yes they do

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Q: Does green algae have the best reproductive advantage?
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The reproductive advantage enjoyed by organisms best suited to a particular environment is known as?

natural selection

The prevalence of genetically predisposed traits that have a reproductive advantage is best explained in terms of?

Natural selection

What is the best product to use in an inground pool with green algae?

Pool Shock

Cleaning Green algae stain?

Green and black algae can leave permanent and unsightly stains. The best way to clean them is to use an oxygenated bleach cleaner, which is sold commercially in stores.

How do you test for algae in a pool?

If the pool is green, that's algae. I think I am correct in saying this is the best test. If there is a layer of green sludge or dust on the walls or floor, that is also a large algal colony.

What is the best algae eater?

i think the best is a albino algae eater is the best.

How do you cure green water in your garden pond?

The green water in your garden pond is caused by green algae that grows in the water. There are chemicals that are made to control the amount of algae in the pond without harming your fish that are in the pond. The safest and best solution is to stock fish that eat this algae and use them as your control method. You don't want to have a pond with no algae in it as this is normal and shows that you have a healthy environment. Too much algae makes it hard for your fish to move and breath so it needs to be controlled.

What does green water signify?

You have green algae the best way to treat this it to super chlorinate the water and or ad an algaecide allow the water to settle and vacuum the dead algae of the pool floor. You may have to use a floculant to help settle the algae to the pool floor. If you do follow the instructions on the package carefully and vacuum the results to waste do not put it through your filter.

What would be the best reed for a small bio filter system?

I should think Barley reed would be the best, they use it in bales on reservoirs to keep the blue/green algae at bay.

Is alga a flowering plant?

algae is not a plant.

In what condition does algae grow the best?

Algae best grows in shallow water, near light and where it can get allot of CO2(Carbon dioxide)

What is best to kill algae in small lake?

The best way to kill algae in lakes is to keep it clean and use less of the fret-sawer in lakes. The lakes are dying because of the algae in the water , the algae is becoming a BIG PROBLEM that needs to be solved.

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