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yes, any overtime is included in gross salary

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Q: Does gross salary include overtime
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What is base salary versus gross salary?

Base salary would be the basic minimum amount promised. Gross salary would include overtime, bonuses, etc.

Does Gross salary include PF Contribution by the company?


What is the difference in net pay and gross pay?

Answer: Gross salary is what you should see on your paycheck stub before taxes and voluntary deductions. Cost to the company is your gross salary plus their portion of taxes, workers comp, and unemployment insurance with any benefits they payits samebut 1 possible difference might be.. the gross salary and actual cost to employer are not same because of eventual tax wage and salary are normally as allowable expenses for tax purpose.

Gross salary in India?

gross salary=net salary+deduction

What does yearly gross salary mean?

what does salary gross mean

Is base salary nett or gross?

Your gross annual income is your base salary.

When the Monthly salary is 2100 what is the annual gross salary?

Whwn the monthly net salary is £2100, what is the annual gross salary ?

What is the gross annual salary for 7.50?

what is the gross annual salary of £7.50 hourly rate

Does base salary include taxes?

No. Salary is a gross (without deductions) number. If they wanted to help you with the tax burden, they would simply raise your base pay.

What is your year salary?

Your years salary is called your gross salary

What will be the gross salary?

Fci ag-iii quality inspectors gross salary how much in 2014

What is the relationship between gross salary and cost-to-company?

what is the difference between gross salary and CTC