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Trauma can cause the hair to go white (only in some cases) or, if someone was hit on the head they may have a white patch of hair. It is more common than one thinks that people under stress lose hair. My girlfriend lost quarter sized chunks of hair off her scalp two weeks before she was to get married. She was a wreck! It's wise to see a doctor about this to be sure there are no other causes related to hair loss.

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How do kids get white hair?

When kids are stressed they get some white hair.

Does pregnancy make a womans hair thicker or thiner?

well if you are stressed your hair will fall out

Why hair become white?

hair becomes white when u get stressed!so calm down!:D

What happens of a person is stressed for to long?

their hair goes white . they have lots of headaches

What causes someone with white hair to start growing in Black hair?

It's the molecules in the hair that changes that causes it!

Does bleaching your hair white effect you in any way?

You never want to bleach your hair to a white stage (level 13). It will completely swell the cuticle of your hair and it will break off and possibly fall out

Is it possible to be born with white hair and not be albino?

Yes. The hair will be almost colorless in someone with very little coloring. It may appear white.

Why is my llama shedding hair?

maybe it is stressed.....

Why is your hair falling out after childbirth?

your body is stressed and tired from you experience, your body is stressed and tired from you experience,

Does the color of a deer's hair change color in the fall?

Yes..White tails are reddish in summer, but gray brown in fall and winter..

Can hair follicles fall out along with the shed hair If not what is the black bump at the end of the hair?

That black bump (which is clear or white in blonde hair) is not the follicle itself but the root of the strand. Think of it as the bulb of a flower. Your hair follicle is part of your scalp. It can become clogged or damaged, but cannot fall out.

If you bleach hair multiple times will it turn white?

Yes. Strong bleaching multiple times will cause the hair to turn white... that is the hair that is left. Bleaching over again will likely make the hair break off and fall out. So the two or three remaining strands will be white. yes!

Does twirling your hair make your hair fall out?

no it cant make your hair fall out

Why would someone have a habit of plucking out their eyebrows?

The hands have it. Usually when someone is stressed out or has been stressed out they can pluck at their eyebrows, pick skin, twist their hair, bite their nails, etc. You are the one that holds the key to this problem. Find out either when this habit started (stress related) or, why you are doing it now.

Can a white girl dye her hair with black folks hair dye?

yea if u want your hair to fall out. there dye is like toxic waste. cus they cant dye there hair which is why they wear wigs. so if you want chunks to fall out and have no hair. go right ahead and test it out for your self.

What is a toe head?

A tow head is someone who is born with platinum white hair.

When you have a stroke does your hair fall out?

No a sstroke does not affect your hair fall.

What type of cancer makes your hair fall out and why?

Cancer doesn't make your hair fall out, its the treatments that can make your hair fall out.

Can you clean a cat with white beauty bar soap?

NO, its hair might fall off and start to shed

Did Michael Jackson's hair fall out?

No, Michael Jackson's hair did not fall out.

Does tea make your hair fall out?

No, tea does not make your hair fall out.

What causes hair to fall out in women?

Stress can cause hair to fall out on women

What color hair did Kris kringle have?

I have only pictured him as having white hair.I have only pictured him as having white hair.I have only pictured him as having white hair.I have only pictured him as having white hair.I have only pictured him as having white hair.I have only pictured him as having white hair.

Why does hair fall out after giving birth?

Your hormones can cause your hair to fall out after giving birth. An overproduction of hormones can make your hair fragile or make it fall out at the root.

What hair color would you be surprised to see on someone under 30?

Grey White Blue

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